Artificial Intelligence (AI) software development

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Experienced AI software development team

As a leading AI software development company Ivan Infotech has a dedicated team of AI software developers who can customise,
redesign or build AI-driven solutions for you.

Artificial Intelligence and
Business Intelligence software

Using Predictive analytics tools, Ivan’s team of expert developers can either create business intelligence software from scratch or integrate the same into existing business environments. These tools can help you identify performance gaps and address the same.

Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

Our AI software development experts can create and integrate RPA software for streamlining workflows. The RPA software can be used for copying and pasting data, extracting structured and semi-structured data, making calculations, etc. so to make the enterprise more flexible and scalable.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

As a leading AI software development company, we can create and offer NLP software solutions for analysing structured and semi-structured content. The NLP solution can be used for analysing search queries, business data repositories, mined web data, etc. for offering operational insights.

Machine learning (ML)

Our AI software development team can offer you deep learning, machine learning, AI-powered software solutions, etc. to augment your current IT infrastructure.

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

We can use AI software development tools for processing huge data volumes with great speed and accuracy- thus transforming regulatory compliance monitoring software. The AI applications developed by our AI software development team can read and interpret compliance documents. The actionable insights offered by our software can help to ensure that your operations are compliant with all upcoming regulations.

Intelligent document recognition

The intelligent, reliable, and robust document recognition software developed by our team can quickly extract metadata from any type of document. The extracted metadata can help classify documents and assists users to easily search for a document on a centralised large database.

Custom-built AI software solutions

Our AI software development team can create AI-based software solutions that create a cohesive and sustainable AI ecosystem for businesses of all sizes.

AI-based software solutions

As a leading AI software development company, we can offer you AI-based software solutions that can enhance your business efficiency. The software can help you make data-driven decisions for marketing, customer service, and sales domain.

Making data-driven decisions

The intelligent software solutions developed by our experts can analyse data and track opportunities to address operational bottlenecks for augmenting future growth. These solutions are also embedded with operational forecasting, demand predictions, predictive maintenance and risk analysis capabilities.

Customer service

Our AI software development team can use AI to streamline customer service workflows and create advanced conversational agents like chatbots, cognitive assistants, intelligent self-service options, etc. to improve customer service.

Sales and Marketing

Using AI algorithms, we can help maximise customer acquisitions, retention and conversion. Our AI-based software can also help you analyse customer behaviour, create better sales forecasts, segment customers better, and design improved marketing campaigns.

AI-security solutions

Our AI software development team can create for you cutting-edge mobile applications that integrate image, voice, facial recognition,
machine learning, cloud computing capabilities, analytic tools, etc. to offer greater mobility and scalability to all business operations.

AI-security solutions

Our AI software development team can create for you cutting-edge mobile applications that integrate image, voice, facial recognition, machine learning, cloud computing capabilities, analytic tools, etc. to offer greater mobility and scalability to all business operations.

IoT Solutions

We harness the power of IoT for safeguarding assets and helping companies achieve their business objectives while ensuring better interconnection between customers, employees, and vendors.

AI security solutions

As a leading AI software development company, we offer AI-driven solutions that help companies use anti-fraud ML models to address security threats. Our AI-driven solutions use biometric recognition techniques along with misuse detection methods for protecting user identity, data and physical perimeters.

Predictive analytics solution

Our end-to-end predictive analytics software and custom-made ML models can help businesses to predict customer behaviour and business outcomes.

Public Transportation Software Solutions

Ivan Infotech works to develop a public transportation software solution that provides seamless use of passenger-oriented safety
features that are simple and user-friendly for public transport agencies.

Vehicle Telematics Software

We have advanced business intelligence systems that collaborate with telematics software in public transportation for real-time tracking of inventory, location, mileage, speed, and various other aspects.

Route Optimization Software

As our transportation software development solutions aim for smooth processes we have machine learning strategies and enhanced route optimization in our route optimization software focuses on lowering operational costs and improve the services of public transport establishments.

Transportation Mapping Software

Our experts equip transportation mapping software with an interactive map, consumer mapping, route optimizers, radius for drive time, and much more through GPS and GIS configuration.

Paratransit Dispatch Software

With integrated client scheduling platforms, portals for communication, and various other features our customized paratransit software solutions and non-emergency medical transportation solutions provide smooth operational processes.

Integrated web graphic design

We integrate third-party software having robust features on your existing website to manage, maintain and update your site.

Content management solutions

Our team can integrate your favour content management system on your existing website or the backend of your application for enhancing the web content and making it more SEO friendly.

3D Animation tools

Our Web graphic design team can integrate 3D animation tools with your existing application or website for creating a beautiful and highly customisable application/ website.

Virtual Reality Tools

Our developers can help you implement VR technologies to offer your customers an immersive real-world experience within the virtual world.

Augmented reality solutions

Ivan’s experienced developers can integrate AR solutions on your website/ Applications to create a more immersive environment.


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