• Now You Can Tweet with 280 Characters at Twitter

    Here is the good news for Twitter lover out there. Following a one month of testing and planning this social media platform is ready to put down its 140-character limit for tweeting (ever since its launch for more than 10 years ago). This is perhaps one of the most major chang ...

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  • Why Digital Marketing Strategy Combines Facebook – TV Together

    Change is on the verge and the days are gone when young people stuck on the TV to view the advertisements and that was the point of their basic interest. But today, most of the young people, as well as the kids, prefer mobile more than TV. It is been seen in di ...

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  • Utilize The Resourcefulness Of Digital Services Executing Big Data

    This is the time of the digital revolution and it has produced stacks of data regarding each and every sector. The marketers now are able to make better strategic marketing decisions through ...

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  • Google My Business Offering New Opportunities

    A new opportunity from Google; Google has recently released their single-page website builder that is designed specifically for the small businesses. This new free tool “Website” allows the small business owners to build their online presence with ease. Usi ...

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  • Why A Business Needs Content Marketing Solutions

    “...a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” - this is the mostly read Content Marketing definition online. ...

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