• Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry with the Internet of Things

    Though it could still come across as science fiction, it is blatantly clear, IoT is the next big transformation in the Internet era. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of a network of interconnected physical devices to the internet, which employ sensors and embedded software to gather, interact and exchange information among each other.  These connected devices range from wearables, mobile phones, tablets to home appliances, cars and so much more.

    The rising amount of connected devices are creating a wave of IoT that is transforming a host of industries like education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, travel and so on. The Entertainment sector is one of the main industries that have been impacted by IoT technologies. The Entertainment Industry across the globe has begun to adopt the innovative IoT technology resulting in improvement of overall performance, diminished costs and a huge impact on customer satisfaction.

    With the transformation of the Entertainment Industry audiences are gaining higher control over what they watch. Additionally, with access to a sea of information, entertainment providers are able to gain more insight into what their consumers are looking for.The impact of IoT on the entertainment sector is being felt in:

    Personalized Advertising

    IoT sensors have the capacity to produce abundant data that allows broadcasters and advertisers to develop extremely personalized marketing campaigns that are strongly pertinent to their target audience. The ability to leverage accurate user-data is what gives advertisers a comprehensible outline of targeted advertising. Soon there will no longer be traditional product placements and advertisements as IoT technology will begin to target a specific buyer persona and over time even specific individuals.

    Crafting immersive content

    The influence of IoT extends to various sources of entertainment like movies, television series, music and interactive games. IoT enabled mood sensors conduct enhanced analysis and recommend to users entertainment options based on those insights.More than the other sources of entertainment the IoT is revolutionizing interactive gaming.

    The use of sensors in gaming equipment is taking the interactive experience of gaming to a whole new level. In addition to this when IoT is combined with augmented or virtual reality users benefit from highly immersive video games.

    Gaining insights on mainstream trends

    Big data is making strides in the entertainment industry. Distributors and publishers continue to employ analytics to design content that has the potential of attracting ever-wider audiences. On the basis of data collected through analytics publishing companies arrive at decisions with regard to what content to create, who they should cast, to whom they should recommend the content, as well as how they should promote the content. IoT technology has enabled businesses to gather tremendously large amounts of data.

    IoT has the potential to be much more than merely an upgrade over the existing internet which facilitates the give and take of information. Empowered with sensors and actuators IoT offers audiences a truly flexible and multisensory experience that has an infinitely higher edge over traditional means of entertainment.



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