• Key Differences between iOS and Android App Development

    The generation is obsessed with mobile apps. And the ‘generation’ doesn’t signify people of a certain age group. This is the ‘smart’ generation with smartphones. In 2017, 197 billion apps were downloaded including android and iOS apps.

    Utilizing the benefits of apps to earn profits, many companies are capitalizing this opportunity for their business growth. However, there are differences between android app development and iOS app development services. Here are some of those:

    Operating System

    For iOS, there is no way to test the apps in an official operating tool. Apple doesn’t authenticate those, so you can’t completely rely on them. On the contrary, Android apps can be checked via Android Studio. This is the official tool that can test the validity of the apps and the capability to work on the operating system.

    Only with React Native, the developers can make apps suitable for both operating systems.

    Native Elements

    In the React Native Library, you will have various elements for app development. However, the production will vary from platform to platform.

    Supporting Styles

    The added styles of React Native in your app will be different from iOS and Android. The style may be visible on iOS when you run the app on it, but the Android may not allow you to put such styles.


    Using React Native, you can add a third-party library in your app. The difference between iOS and Android is that you wouldn’t be able to use the react-native link named library name to perform the job. You can link a third-party library manually. If the library already has required documentation, you may not require doing it manually.


    The use of React Native can simplify the development of iOS and Android applications. However, the design for Android and iOS will differ from each other.

    For the iOS app, the app designs are mostly minimalistic whereas Android apps are more into material design apps. It costs more to design the latter. Also, iOS has a small task panel for the app features and Android app tabs are interchangeable. The size of the tabs is big enough not to fit in a small window.

    The professionals of iOS app development services have to make sure that the application will run smoothly for the platform it is designed.

    Make sure you choose a reputed company for your app development services so that the best mobile app design can attract more customers to your business.

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