• Technology Trends Taking Over The Travel & Tourism Industry

    It is the digital era and travel and tourism have advanced to new heights. Technology is facilitating the sector with novel ways to interact with customers, streamlined internal operations, and higher prospects for expansion. As all these technologies have taken over, the demands of guests have evolved as well.  Innovative changes serve to fulfill the needs and demands of customers of various market segments. Today, travelers can view and select diverse travel options by simply browsing the internet through their mobile phones. Today, you can use leading-edge  IT solutions for Travel & Tourism industry like IoT, facial recognition tech, VR and AR, Big Data, and much more to get an edge above your competitors in the field.

    Movement to Voice Command Searches

    Voice searches are increasing steadily with the capacity of smart devices a high percentage of internet searches will be voiced. With voice searches travelers get spared the effort of typing search queries into their mobile phones, on top of that hotels have to utilize voice assistance in guest’s rooms to render their visits effortless and delightful.

    Improved Customer Service using AI

    In travel, customer service is no longer limited to human interactions; artificial intelligence is being leveraged to amp up the efficiency. Currently, chatbots are deployed to respond to frequently asked questions and share suitable solutions to travelers. AI has the capacity to make sure that guests remain content and well-informed, consequently giving your business a higher reputation.  

    Higher availability of WiFi

    Despite WiFi becoming commonplace in hotels, sufficient internet connectivity on flights had fallen behind. Now however in-flight WiFi has become more and more available and the capacity continues to increase to meet the needs of travelers, ranging across large parts of outdoor areas. Armed with outdoor WiFi ensure that guests do not run the risk of losing connectivity on their travels. 

    Comfort of Planning using Apps

    Apps are lauded by travelers because of the ease with which they allow them to process the travel arrangements. It helps travelers as they figure out the particulars of a vacation, for instance, drawing comparisons of flights, structured itineraries, etc. Spontaneous trips are quite the norm, with mobile services bringing together people and attractive hotel deals anytime they want.

    Wearable devices

    Interactive smart glasses and a variety of smartwatches are merely the starts of the smart accessories technology poised to take over. These wearables or accessories optimize the options for tourists to become familiar with areas that are unknown to them and ensure security.

    Internet of Things (IoT) Customization

    Connecting devices in hotel rooms through the Internet of Things incorporates an exceptional level of personalization for guests. Whether it is misplaced luggage or configuring the thermostat, IoT caters to the particular preferences of guests.

    Data captured of visitor’s preferences and executing services in accordance with their likes and dislikes can considerably affect customer contentment. Sensors embedded in strategic amenities also play a part in enhancing the internal operations for hotel employees.

    Payments using cryptocurrency

    Secure payment options and a comprehensive range of payment methods are revolutionizing the realm of travel.  Using mobile devices serve to speed-up payment transactions, yet alternative payment methods are resulting in higher advantages. Leveraging blockchain innovations, tourist locations, and hotels can outpace their competitors in the field.  Thanks to the transparency and security of cryptocurrency, the hospitality sector is able to raise the bar for their customers




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