• Real Estate Software Solutions – Top 4 Compelling Reasons To Consider Custom CRM
    Most businesses today depend on CRM systems to a considerable extent. The perks of CRM, particularly in real estate are unmistakable. You save time and effort, smoothly manage your client base and easily accommodate the demand of modern homebuyers and sellers. The companies that have not yet invested in real estate software solutions continue to experience quite a few challenges. Let’s consider 4 major reasons why “off-the-shelf” real estate software solutions might prove to be a bad idea and why you can’t do without custom real estate CRM software.

    Top 4 reasons to think about a custom solution for your real estate firm

    Reason 1: You require customized functionality due to unique workflow or needs

    The majority of ready-made CRM solutions come along with generic tools for real estate, which as it happens are in demand among a good number of businesses in the industry. Nonetheless, if your company has certain unique requirements and processes, you would need to go in for a custom approach, because it will guarantee that you get precisely the features that you need. What’s more, you would be able to seamlessly expand functionality when the time comes.

    Reason 2: Your real estate company is large or mid-sized and needs scalable real estate software solutions

    As and when your business grows and the processes become more and more complex you need a system that allows you to scale smoothly. In simple words, your CRM software needs to evolve in time alongside your business. Scalable real estate CRM software will be equipped to implement all of the functions that your business needs even when catering to a much larger group of employees and locations.

    Reason 3: You want to make the most of integrations

    A lot of ‘off the shelf real estate CRM solution does not offer API integrations. On the other hand, tailor-made CRM solutions facilitate smooth and affordable integrations as they have an API-first approach. Accordingly, you will be able to integrate email services, Google apps, time tracking services, project management apps, multiple accounting apps, and more into your custom CRM.

    Reason 4: You need to take advantage of an in-depth analytics

    Unlike ready-made solutions with personalized real estate software solutions, analytics are designed in terms of your particular priorities. Your custom real estate CRM will be configured to offer you insights that are relevant to your specific needs, including dashboards that have features you need and straightforward reports generated using nontraditional metrics. So, before you decide on real estate software solutions for your business, consider the factors mentioned above to ensure that you make a well-informed and insightful decision. 



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