Companies outsource businesses to concentrate on their core business. Business Process Outsourcing is a wise business decision to decrease work load and work efficiently on core issues. A third-party company that is already well-established and have the efficient manpower and experience is always an opportune option.

At Ivan Infotech, we work in the International BPO Sector and our service offers you several benefits.


  • Business Outsourcing offers cost effective service. Rather than hiring fulltime employees a hired service is cheaper.
  • BPO service providers have experienced employees what is difficult for an individual business to hire.
  • Outsourcing extra work loads, a business can focus on its internal business issues, market issues etc.
  • Outsourcing extra work loads, a business can focus on its internal business issues, market issues etc.
  • BPO employees are in direct client contact mainly. This helps them get the feedback from the users directly and in turn it helps the business to know what the clients’ think or expect from them more specifically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ivan InfoTech is a premiere business process outsourcing firm. As BPO Solutions Providers, we have been in business for 4 years now and our headquarters are based in Kolkata, India. We have call centers in India and Australia. We provide all kinds of call center services like lead generation, telemarketing services and customer services, along with web marketing and development services. We have a global clientele and offer round the clock services to businesses.

Call center services provided by Ivan BPO Solutions can be divided into three broad categories: inbound call center services, outbound call center services and back office functions.

We are known in the BPO industry as an economical call center services provider. Our Business Process Outsourcing Services can cut down your telemarketing budget by 40% and also ensure that you generate enough revenue to expand your business in different directions. Our leads and customer service facilities offer you more than you pay for.

Before the project begins, you can choose to have mock calls with our Agents. Only when you approve the Agents' call handling ability, do we begin our project.

All our Agents speak in the Global neutral accent. We also have provision of Accent Training in American, UK, and Australian accent, if the client demands an accented voice. But most of our clients today prefer the Global neutral accent, which our Agents have mastered.