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Custom CRM Solutions

Ivan Infotechis a leading CRM development company creating custom CRM solutions centred on bringing automation to marketing,
sales as well as customer service business operations in a host of industries like real estate, banking, and retail among others.

CRM Process Automation Solutions

Our team will be instrumental in the digital transformation of your business operations by configuring CRM process automation solutions that empower businesses to streamline marketing, sales and customer services by bringing the power of automation into the mix.

CRM Mobile App Solutions

Configure bespoke mobile CRM applications, enabling users to view calendars, check & create emails, review account updates, join a video conference call, view dashboards & reports, and so much more to help businesses close more deals, faster.

CRM Cloud Solutions

Being an experienced CRM development company we build tailor-made cloud CRM solutions and deliver an uncomplicated cloud-based CRM system, allowing 24/7 accessibility to all crucial client data both at the work premises and remotely. In this way, you will have a constant link to your customers.

Custom CRM Development Services

Ivan Infotech is a leading CRM development company thatspecializes in tailored CRM systems, implementing custom software
features & functionalities that propel businesses to new heights.

Account & Contact Management

Gain 360-degree visibility over your customers, with contact details, activity history, notes, email and more, capturing insights, tracking and managing vital data from social media networks and other sources, accessible 24/7 by means of our custom CRM development services.

Opportunity Management

Get empowered with the capacity to plan and organize your opportunities with the ideal custom CRM solution. This allows you to efficiently manage your sales opportunities, and offer your sales team a relevant context and details in real-time, helping them to turn these opportunities into actual revenue.

Sales Data Management

As a top CRM development company, we smoothly incorporate reliable third-party plugins, applications and extensions for you to receive highly precise, updated sales data straight from your sophisticated CRM. This helps you to make insight-based decisions swiftly and more efficiently.

Lead Management

We provide you with custom CRM development services that give you complete visibility and control of updated customer contact information. With this, you are equipped to track and manage all your marketing endeavours spanning different channels and manage your leads from capture to close.

Industry-Leading CRM Platform Tools

Our experts in custom CRM development services have a thorough grasp on how to wield best-in-class CRM programs, for instance,
Zoho, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and OrangeCRM to take productivity to new heights and live up to client expectations.


As a certified partner with Salesforce, we at Ivan Infotech offer bespoke Salesforce CRM solutions, Salesforce IT support, customizations implementations, installations and integrations.

Microsoft Dynamics

Ivan Infotechis a certified Gold Partner, crafting tailor-made software development solutions for Microsoft Dynamics for businesses of all shapes and sizes in diverse industries.


Our proficient developers easily integrate SugarCRM within ongoing business processes to transform marketing, sales, and customer service departments.


By executing Zoho CRM we help you with the automation of each facet of your business, optimize lead nurturing strategies and prompt immediate actions


We leverage the OrangeCRM suite, integrated with data replication software, sophisticated reporting capacity, powerful transaction routing and a flexible database.


Ivan’s certified SAP developers provide you with top-notch CRM solutions that upgrade and empower companies, leveraging SAP HANA and ERP database software.

Email Integrations

We power up your custom CRM platform via streamlined email integration, linking the latest email channels, for instance, Gmail or MS Outlook to your CRM. Our custom CRM development services afford you complete visibility of contacts, emails, online calendars among other resources, on all devices.

Workflow & Approvals

With a CRM equipped with a point-and-click interface along with drag-and-drop features, all elaborate sales processes can be automated. You can automate tasks such as entering in orders, generating tailored email alerts, auto-assigning tasks, confirming deal discounts, creating proposals among others.

Reports & Dashboards

We ensure that you receive a real-time outline of the entire business via our reports & dashboards modules. Our custom CRM development services include modules equipped with drag-and-drop features to help you generate customized reports, track conversion rates, lead volume and various other data.

Sales Forecasting

Armed with the latest pipeline data you will be able to make future sales forecasts in real-time. This enables your business to predict market fluctuations and modify marketing campaigns in view of that, thus lowering risks and making informed decisions.


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