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Bespoke Software Development For All Digital Marketing Endeavours

Today’s businesses require tailor-made digital marketing software development in order to thrive among their competitors. Solutions need to have functionalities of ready-made platforms as well as have the capacity to integrate further enterprise software. Ivan Infotech has several years of experience in using these solutions to leverage historical & client data in order to design campaigns that bring you a higher volume of leads and boost your revenue.

Marketing Automation Solutions

Our team of developers harness their in-depth know-how of AI, machine learning and business intelligence to shape exceptionally results-oriented marketing automation software. Our developers build a central hub for marketing materials & create tools for optimizing workflows, creating standard reports, as well as driving outreach endeavours & interactions.

Integrated Marketing Attribution

Ivan Infotech uses automation to capture data from conventional advertising networks, CRM, email campaigns, social media and other sources. Once this is done data analysts provide custom-written algorithms to forecast progress and shortcomings. Our digital marketing software development solutions accommodate fractional and algorithmic models together with single and multiple-touch attribution ones. We also leverage ML (machine learning) tech to facilitate campaign forecasts.

Intelligent Web Marketing

Under digital marketing software development, Ivan Infotech develops bespoke landing page and web page builder integrations, such as automated analytics-capturing software, drag & drop design tools, metadata forms, SEO planners in order to feature higher in SERPs, preprogrammed and flexible templates. These can be leveraged as separate modules or as a section of a wider Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS).

Customer-Focused Analytics

Our experts can configure APIs to connect to your current enterprise apps & amalgamate your business’ siloed data. Our digital marketing software development efforts will offer you a 360-degree view in regard to your campaigns and whether or not they have generated revenue or returns. Our A/B testing tools, centralized dashboards along with versatile KPI visualizations that use what-if analysis modules to present the overall picture of marketing success benchmarks.

Dynamic Email Marketing

Thanks to our advanced email marketing solutions you will be equipped with engaging and attractive corporate emails that leverage responsive visual editing modules, HTML, CSS and more. These tools can come along with several other in-built components such as planning modules for drip marketing, automated response planners, segment-able contact lists, integrations for generating inquiry forms, automated opt-in/opt-out reactions, among other interactive features.

Social Media Marketing

Our experts build and implement SMM apps as part of our digital marketing software development that facilitates collaboration among employees in an effort to design productive social campaigns. We code several features to track brand mentions, analyze user engagement, making appropriate responses, automate posts scheduled at regular intervals, and mine relevant data. Having utilized social media specific APIs of popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter among others, we are adept at creating optimized interfaces between our platforms as well as their platforms.

Lead Management Software

Ivan Infotech’s digital marketing software development includes standalone solutions as well as CRM modules integrated with third-party applications to facilitate the creation, promotion, scoring & collection of leads spanning all touchpoints. You can depend on Ivan Infotech’s lead management solutions to analyze the dynamic between communications, lead behaviour, buying histories and the efforts made on your employees' part. Creation and planning outreach endeavours are made possible using our integrated tools inside the app itself.

Target-driven Content Marketing

We empower you with digital marketing software development that result in seamless collaboration during the creation and publishing of fully streamlined content like infographics, videos, textual materials etc. Our workflow management integrations can be aligned to a content team's requirements and will bring in automation in terms of planning, supervising the creation, SEO, marketing, publishing and ensuing analysis of your content. We have the capacity to equip your mobile marketing solutions using geo-fencing innovations such as automated push notifications or SMSs (when users are in a particular geographical area).

Chatbot Development and Virtual Agents

Through our digital marketing software development, your business will gain the capacity to track the customer journey and offer near-instant data & conversion insights of your marketing endeavours. We harness natural language as a simulation of human conversation through telephony. This is achieved via "live" chatbot development or voice bot development facilitated by tailored messaging apps. We offer you ML-driven software that empowers you with customer services facilities by means of chatbots, IVR prompt systems as well as virtual agents to take full advantage of the highly advanced technology available for digital marketing.

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