A cloud based hrms & payroll solution

From automation of people processes to creating an engaged and driven culture, HRMlix is all you need to build a good to great company.

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Payroll & Expenses

By automating procedures, avoiding manual mistakes, and guaranteeing compliance, Ivan Infotech’s HRMlix streamlines payroll and expenditures. It improves expenditure reimbursements, connects time tracking with payroll, and simplifies tax computations. Tasks will no longer be tedious.

Modern HR

HRMlix with data-driven insights customises employee experiences, makes remote work management easier and promotes a culture of ongoing learning and growth. It supports programmes for diversity and inclusion, improves talent acquisition, and encourages agile decision-making.

Performance & Culture

HRMlix strengthens company performance and culture by implementing performance management systems, encouraging an open communication culture, and coordinating employee goals with organisational objectives. It fosters a feedback-driven environment ensuring a positive company culture.

Hiring & Onboarding

HRMlix helps with the entire hiring process right from onboarding candidates to ensuring that every step of the recruitment process is managed well. It automates recruitment procedures and includes an applicant tracking systems for a smooth candidate experience.

Dynamic Policy Package

We offer a robust Dynamic Policy Package for smooth compensation management that adheres to both company and government regulations. This module streamlines compensation structuring, ensuring accurate and fair practices, guaranteeing that your employees receive competitive and compliant compensation packages.

Time & Attendance

HRMlix optimises time and attendance management, making it possible to track employee hours precisely. It assures adherence to labour laws and automates leave management procedures while streamlining shift scheduling, increasing employee satisfaction and organisational effectiveness.


Simplify Talent Management with HRMlix

HRMlix's wide range of features will streamline your HR processes, boost employee engagement, and optimise talent management for your company's success. Experience the potential of the HRMlix platform.


Lifetime Free update and Support for Cloud SaaS Platform

Benefit from lifetime free updates with our Cloud SaaS Platform, ensuring your business stays ahead with the latest features and improvements at no extra cost. For any information and issue, you can contact to our support –

1 Year free support for On-premises solution

Experience streamlined operations with our on-premises solutions, backed by 1 year of free support for seamless maintenance and assistance when you need it most.

3 Years of Free Updates for On-premises solution

Get 3 years worth of free updates with our On-premises solutions, ensuring your system remains up-to-date and efficient without additional costs.

Connect Over Phone For Instant Support

Ivan Infotech provides complete assistance by connecting over calls and offering instant support for the HRMlix in case you face any kind of issues with the product.

Instant Solution TAT Provide

Gain proper customer support when requested on-call or by mail and raise an instant ticket, where you can get an instant TAT solution.

API Technical Support

Our team of experts provides API technical support to ensure smooth integration, troubleshoot issues, and maximize the functionality of the solution.

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