Work Is No Work When It's Passion

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

We had a very small beginning but a huge dream was there in our hearts. We were a few people when we started, but now we are a growing family.

Everyone who has joined us, and who are joining the team now, keeping us growing everyday. We are progressing together. We are achieving success and we are extending our boundary.

To earn the success, Atmosphere and Team - these two things are utterly crucial. At Ivan we always thrive to sustain the atmosphere and a great team.

We believe in Relaxing, Stress-free working environment to ensure better productivity of our members. We believe, employees perform their best when they are happy and contented with what they do, and how they do.

We follow a few things to ensure our employee motivation & performance.

  • We maintain better communication strategies
  • We believe in sharing ideas and information with the mates
  • We put attention to our Employee Feedback
  • We help our employees to better understand their responsibilities
  • We keep the employees update with each & every changes/ modification in the organisation
  • We believe in recognition of positive contributions of employees to inspire them for their future contributions

At Ivan, our life means our life within our team. Team bonding is the next checkpoint that we take care of. A productive team with excellent communication within the members creates asset. And Ivan nurtures the assets.