In the digital era, healthcare businesses are juggling burdensome internal processes, stringent regulatory requirements, and mounting patient demands for transparent, convenient, and personalized interactions with healthcare professionals. We at Ivan are allied with healthcare businesses to build the healthcare software solutions they need to improve every aspect of patient care.

We offer an extensive variety of healthcare solutions inclusive of IT systems, software products for various departments, and medical record management for medical organizations. The team at Ivan Infotech builds innovative Remote Medical Care solutions that come outfitted with their own equipment, software, and medical infrastructure. We design the software keeping clinicians and healthcare professionals in mind. What’s more, our experts focus on streamlining access to patient records. Our healthcare software development services give you everything you need to run a successful healthcare facility.

According to the statistics, 94% of the healthcare industry has already invested in healthcare software solutions, so why would you want to take the conventional route? Healthcare services are a very personal B2C relationship and your software product needs to mirror this.


Healthcare workers face several challenges such as upgrading the quality of care delivered, handling operations, boosting worker productivity, lowering human error and costs.

As a foremost medical software solutions company, Ivan Infotech offers staff task-driven solutions that engage patients, optimize medical workflows, improve diagnostics and treatment, and streamline day-to-day challenges and ultimately render value-based care.

Right from advanced health trackers to interactive patient portals and powerful cloud-based analytics solutions, you can depend on our healthcare software development services.

Our mobile healthcare software provides a range of features for patients and healthcare providers, for instance, scheduling online appointments with doctors, retrieving lab results and reports, access to medical history, managing prescriptions, and so on.

Our Custom Healthcare Solutions provide:

  • Customized Patient Experience
    From optimizing booking systems to building mobile healthcare applications, our custom software solutions will empower your patients.
  • Streamlined Operations and Processes
    Ivan helps healthcare clients simplify care and equipment management to ensure that healthcare providers are afforded sufficient time to concentrate on patient care.
  • Improved Collaboration
    Using our custom healthcare solutions medical professionals are able to collaborate effectively.
  • Ensured Security and Compliance
    Ivan’s experts are updated on HIPAA as well as other compliances. We develop custom applications that are created to maintain the security and confidentiality of your patients’ information.


Ivan offers a broad range of custom software solutions for the healthcare sector and serves as the go-to digital consultant for health businesses to achieve digital transformation. Your healthcare business will be all set to seamlessly deliver user-friendly, business-centric, secure services.

  • (EMR) Electronic Medical Record Software Development
  • (EHR) Electronic Health Records Software Development
  • Custom PHR Solutions and Services
  • HIPAA And HL7 Compliance Solutions
  • Telehealth App Development
  • IoT Based Remote Patient Monitoring Systems
  • Home Health And Care Software Solutions
  • HIS Hospital Information Management Software Development


Once you have established your individual healthcare business goals we will be at the helm providing you with advanced healthcare software development services. Go ahead and tell us about your requirements, and we’ll come up with a smart and simplified solution that suits your needs perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ivan Infotech is a global IT solution provider and among their industry verticals, Healthcare is one of the most prominent ones. With the evolution of new technology Healthcare industries are now enhancing their adaptability of technological implementation. Having Ivan by your side for all technology-related support and IT consulting services, the healthcare industry can reach the zenith point where the entire process will be more convenient both for the patients and practitioners.

By combining the B2B relationship with new-age technologies like Big Data and AI Ivan cane provide you with a complete IT service that will help the healthcare sector to reach the next level where the treatment can undergo an advancement along with surveillance and accurate diagnosis in lesser time and the patients can get a transparent picture of the entire process.

Emerging as a bright start in the industry of IT services and solutions, Ivan has earned positive feedback and support and efficiently established an esteemed clientele. Ivan’s efficient team who has in-depth knowledge of technologies and the integration of those in the healthcare sector has made it easy for us to meet clients’ expectations and become one of those most preferred Healthcare solution providers among all.

With sheer professionalism and dedication towards meeting clients requirements, our team understands the requirements first and then they go for planning to integrate the most appropriate technologies to serve the purpose and after that, the implementation is processed. Post-deployment support is also provided by our team with the same efficiency.

Healthcare sector is one of the most vulnerable sectors for confidential data breach. We know how important it is for a business to keep the information away from misuse. With us, you are completely secured. We prioritize your business and our business morals and protocols strictly adhere to clients’ privacy.



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