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Looking to build your website or app with a team that sets out a transparent design process, adheres to deadlines, and offers spot-on end results?

Ivan Infotech’s UI and UX design services do that and more! Partner with us if you want to build an engaging product quickly and swiftly. We will function as part and parcel of your team- from the product idea phase right up to the resultant seamless design.

Whether it’s scalable enterprise software for well-established companies or even basic event apps, our seasoned design team can turn your idea into reality using the latest tools and tech. We depend on a long-established process and standardized approach to guarantee that the final product looks and functions as per your specifications. Our team uses design systems, executes thorough design reviews, and repurposes highly effective practices and tools.

We have crafted different types of apps and software systems for a range of businesses in diverse industries. You can depend on our creative design team for UI and UX design services that cover root cause analysis, animation design experience, interface architecture, comprehensive post-analysis, and more.

Our UX and UI design services are pivotal towards ensuring your customer’s satisfaction. Our designers enhance the ease of use, the feel, and the overall experience of the products they create. This is because they are well-versed with the best design concepts and practices and it allows them to craft powerful user interfaces and ultimately exceptional user experience for your product.


Why Choose Ivan Infotech For Stunning UI/UX Designs?

The professionals at Ivan Infotech don’t merely check how effective a website or app design is, we also implement usability testing and optimize our code by tweaking and polishing its performance based on actionable insights. With our UI and UX design services, we will deliver a finessed end product that’s both aesthetic and easy-to-use no matter the platform.

  • We have a squad of talented UX/UI design experts with rich experience in designing exceptional solutions to cater to diverse requirements
  • We offer a range of design solutions, whether it’s crafting user-centric branding solutions, mobile app designs, web designs, and more
  • Our team generates designs founded on comprehensive user research to create products that are aesthetically attractive as well as highly usable
  • At Ivan, UX/UI design acts as a catapult for delivering unparalleled user experiences that drive your branding endeavors
  • We concentrate on rendering the most stunning designs within minimum time duration and at cost-effective rates

No matter if, you are starting a-fresh or want to jump from scratch, Ivan is always there to assist you with industry best UI/UX solutions. Allow us to endow you with yet another success story. A quick view of our work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We approach user experience and graphic design more as a creative ui/ux design agency, wherein we deep dive into the problem you’re solving, understanding your customers, their demographics, sex ratio, age spread, competitive landscape for the product, their current behaviour pattern, among other things. All of this allows us to provide UI and UX Design Services to enable a creative route for both user experience as well as graphic design.

User interface (UI) design is not the same as UX design. Seasoned UX design pros from any UX Consulting Company would understand the vital difference and articulate it clearly. Designing for the user interface often plays an essential role in the work of a UX designer, but it is not the only function.

Whereas UI design is concerned with the useful layout of visual elements on a user interface, UX design is ‘people first.’ It’s about what motivates them—how they think and behave.

A great UX designer should be able to demonstrate knowledge describing the differences, in particular how UI design is only one slice of the UX design process ‘pie,’ and only one of many different disciplines that reside under the UX banner. These include, but are not limited to: a user-centered design strategy, core user demographic definition, persona creation, user research, information architecture, content strategy, interaction design, visual design, and usability testing.

We’re one of the only software development companies that provide UI and UX Design Services from the perspective of a creative agency, owing to our advertising lineage.

As one of the Best UI Design Companies around, we spend time to understand who we’re creating an intuitive user experience for – your customer. We study their natural behavior and how your solution could change that, we look at their geography, demographics, cultural setup, typical use cases and your competitive landscape.

Once we gather all data, we create unique user experiences that appeal to your users.

Yes, through our UX Design Services we will put forward our best efforts and work with you to ensure that the design reflects your brand identity and ideologies, and is also on par with your competitors. When conducting research for your project, we ensure that we understand your brand and company culture thoroughly. Once we feel that we know about your company in-depth, we work with you to select a colour palette, create elements, and user flow that’s truly yours.

Being a leading UI/UX Consulting Company, our team of UI/UX designers are experts in their field and will provide you with insightful suggestions on the best type of themes and designs suitable for your project. If you have imagined your app or site in a particular way, feel free to inform our team.We want your app or site to be just the way you imagined it. Hence, to ensure that we are on the same page, our Project Manager will be sending you a design requirements document. We will need you to fill it out and send it back to us. Based on the answers that you give us and specific requirements from your side, we will be working on 2-3 themes for your mobile app or website design.



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