7 Best Business Promotion Ideas This Mother’s Day

7 Best Business Promotion Ideas This Mother’s Day

By Admin 7 years ago

It’s time to jump start your online business promotion. Mother’s Day is here on coming Sunday, 14th of May. And it’s a great opportunity to promote your online business to another extent. We hope you already have started your planning for the event, if not we are here to help you out.

Here We are going to share a few best Mother’s Day special business promotion ideas. Planning an online business promotion is as important as remembering the day and getting some touchy gift for your mom is. Engage your audience and try to gain the most out of the Mother’s Day promotional event.

Best Business Promotion Ideas

Here are 7 best Business Promotion Ideas on this Mother’s Day you can apply to your business.

  • Email Marketing

The very basic but no doubt very opportunistic email marketing is the first option to reach your targeted audience.

If you sell something like Flowers, Cakes/Pastries, Gift Items or offer any service like Spa, Beauty Service etc. let’s start off communicating your audience with the shopping solutions for their mothers. You may offer special offers and deals or you can just offer a friendly intimation but email marketing is a never to miss opportunity.

In case, we can suggest you start your email marketing a few days before the event that your message don’t get lost in the crowd.

  • Facebook Activity

Facebook is one of the best platforms to interact with your clients and to promote your business to a larger extent. People on social media love to participate in contests, complimentary services. You can hold simple photography contest or share memory contests and keep it easy to participate, easy to share and a worthy reward at the end to appreciate the efforts of your viewers.

  • Pinterest Mother’s Day Board

Pinterest is a great platform to source content from the audience and it’s also engaging, visually constraining, and shared with several enthusiastic pinners. Communicate your contacts and request them to pin different photos of their mom, special recipes their mom are expert in, tips and advice they got from their mom (available in picture format!)

  • Fast Delivery Without Extra Charge

If you offer products, offering fast delivery is a great way to make your clients be more dependent on you. If you offer fast shipment and delivery without any extra cost for faster shipment, your service becomes more convenient for the customers as they get you by their side in their urgent need.

  • Unique Gift Idea

Offering service or products are not enough to catch your viewer’s attention but it’s better if you offer the unique gift ideas on your website considering the customers’ requirement and their choice. You can also link the promotional ideas with your social media to reach more audience.

  • Creative Visual Posts

Try to create some creative visual post for your website, social media pages etc. If you are yourself not creative enough to create engaging posts you can give your teammate a chance. But creating an engaging post that is easy to share on different platforms; is always a great opportunity to knock your customer’s mind at the very first view.

  • ‘Bring Your Mom’ Promotional Campaign

After all, nothing can be better than spending quality time with dear mom. Why don’t you arrange such a situation that your potential buyers, visitors can spend a great time with their mom on this special day! Let’s give it a try. Plan a ‘Bring Your Mom’ promotional campaign and offer some 10%, 20% or 30% (whatever you like) off on service (Spa, Salon) or on product (foods, garment). You can also arrange some interesting activities engaging both the moms and kids. It helps you and your business to earn a goodwill among crowd.

Best Wishes For You

Best wishes for you, best wishes for your business. Promote your business and create more chances.

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