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You can count on Ivan Infotech to provide service level agreement support services customised to your company's needs. To ensure that your organisation has the greatest IT solutions, our IT support experts keep the network architecture and end-to-end communication in the same line. We offer onsite and remote IT help for small, medium, and large enterprises.

Help Desk Management of IT Infrastructure

Help Desk Management
of IT Infrastructure

IT help desk management services are provided by our developers, enabling the construction and management of remote and onsite help desk architectures. The business user community has a single point of contact for all technical requests, services, problems, and other IT concerns that is available 24 hours a day.

Network Support Services

Support Services

There are many services we provide to help you with your networks. These include network audits, virtual private networks, network architecture planning, continuous support for TCP/IP setup, media integration, storage area networks and managed IT services along with administration and network troubleshooting for routers, firewalls and gateways.

IT Services for Enterprise

IT Services
for Enterprise

When it comes to access, user management, and security procedures as well as other IT services in the enterprise environment our custom enterprise IT infrastructures are the best Aside from that, we provide a wide range of data migrations in large-scale, database services, backups/recovery and network admin activities.

SMB Business IT Services

SMB Business
IT Services

IT infrastructure is something we construct and maintain businesses of small and mid-sized. For real-time communication and data sharing, we offer a thorough communication architecture based on trustworthy technological platforms including email-based messaging and real-time meetings. As a result, we provide intranet and extranet services along with document sharing, unified messaging, and video conferencing that alleviate all modes of communication.


IT requirements come in all shapes and sizes, and they all have different services. Under SLA support services, every client receives a customised IT support plan from us to get the most out of their services.



When it comes to backup and recovery, Ivan Infotech delivers well-established solutions for various enterprise infrastructures to ensure that the data is secure, scalable, and security systems, software and antivirus, are all updated for you.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

We offer full cyber-attack defence. You can count on us to protect your organisation against malware, viruses, hackers, and as a part of our Disaster Recovery solutions, our team provides Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) that automates the creation of incremental, mirror, full, differential, and continuous backups.

IT System Analysis

IT System Analysis

We ensure regular virtual meetings to keep you in the loop. Our team maintains extensive analysis of your systems and documentation to give you an appropriate services strategy. We do a thorough investigation that culminates in a tailored plan that completely satisfies your business requirements.

Tailor-made IT for Business

Tailor-made IT for Business

For each client, we create a customised IT support strategy to assist them in getting the most out of their investment and carefully choose their services. IT customers come in many shapes and sizes, with varying business requirements and models. Using tailored technologies, we offer system supervision and optimization to handle complicated technical problems.

App Development & Support

App Development & Support

If you're looking for custom application development services, Ivan Infotech has a large team of industry-specific technological experts. They are familiar with web protocols such as SOAP, XHTML and REST. They also have extensive knowledge of IT architectures, virtual deployments, and migration.

Documentation and Inventory Support

Documentation and Inventory Support

Because, we document our clients' complete IT infrastructure, we can fix problems faster and manage all possible technological snags. When it comes to the creation of custom IT software, we adhere to industry best standards and practices.


To achieve your stipulated service level agreements, Ivan Infotech offers prolific service level agreement support services. You can count on us to fulfil your service level agreements (SLA) from the moment your system goes down. To offer you optimal SLA support services we combine industry-best talents with cutting-edge technology. In addition, you can expect 24-hour support and smooth uptime. As a result, we are able to satisfy your needs and even exceed that.

SLA Incident Management Services

SLA Incident Management Services

The incident management services provided by our developers’ record incident-based knowledge gathered during the process of issue resolution, automate IT asset discovery and publish ticket statuses and technical performances in a user-friendly manner.

Sla Monitoring Support Services

SLA Monitoring Support Services

Support for Ivan's Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is provided by experts who offer tier-level support with undivided attention to urgent issues and incidents. It's easy to add new features to our support system because it's highly flexible and scalable.

SLA Reporting Service

SLA Reporting Services

It offers features such as problem management, root-cause analysis, patch deployment and incident management as well as interaction with customers and troubleshooting capabilities.

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