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HRIS & HRMS Solutions

The skilled team at Ivan Infotech builds full-stack Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS ) to empower businesses to run smoothly and successfully. With our HCM software solutions, your business will be transformed thanks to improved efficiencies for the entire workforce.

IAM (Identity Access Management)

Our Identity Access Management platforms are equipped with user activity monitoring, digital account solutions, SSO functionalities and access request management.

Integrations for Web-Based HRMS

We develop tailored HRMS solutions that are integrated to and comply with SIDES (State Information Data Exchange Systems) and USDOL (US Department of Labor).

HRMS Device Provisioning

Our experts optimized to support BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) procedures, inclusive of onboarding, provisioning, automated device as well as status verification so as to improve efficiency.

Recruitment & ATS Software

Our developers design and build human capital management software such as Recruitment and ATS software
to optimize HR processes such as interviewing, evaluation, as well as onboarding.


Our team builds tailor-made ATS CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) solutions that serve to boost candidate engagement during the streamlining processes as well as to enhance output. HCM software solutions are the best option for candidate engagement functionalities.

ATS Solutions

We create ATS solutions that support the latest candidate sourcing, talent management & recruitment workflows with the help of HRIS features and platforms.

Recruitment Solutions Development

Our team configures custom-made recruitment software incorporated with MS Outlook for streamlined scheduling for interviews.

Analytics Solutions

We build feature-rich and cutting edge ATS analytics solutions equipped with CV & resume parsing solutions, query parameters, analytics and report generators, and so on.

Bespoke Employee Onboarding Solutions

We design human capital management software likecustom employee onboarding software solutions to optimize the entire
recruitment process from tax verification to meticulous background verification and drug screenings.

HR Onboarding Management

Our developers are adept at creating scalable web portals for HR that help support the consistency of HR workflows and ensures adherence to internal company operations.

Integrations for Onboarding

We use up-to-date onboarding integrations that support e-signatures requirements, drug testing procedures, eligibility verification and more.

Onboarding Solutions for Employees

Our experts create pre-employment testing software and employee onboarding software to handle candidates’ competencies, work ethic and skills.

Offboarding Solutions for Employees

We develop employee offboarding software that are hooked up with robust security provisions that obstruct ex-employees receiving access to official data.

Employee Training Solutions

Our team offers employee training solutions which feature training registration management, gamification, onsite training and authoring tools and more.

Integrations for LMS

Our streamlined Learning Management Systems are integrated using curated content capacities, enabling employees to share and bookmark content.

Active Directory Software

Our developers incorporate active directory software functionalities into your current HCM software solutions to supervise and monitor administrator as well as employee directories.

Training Portals for Employees

We configure employee self-service portals together with employee training portals, enabling employees to avail of and fill in personal data, transcripts and training levels.

Employee Time and Attendance Software

Our experts buildkey human capital management software including time & attendance solutions that can
streamline and handle budgets, projected labour estimations, payroll and more.

Time Clock Solutions

Your existing attendance tracking systems will be integrated with biometric hardware and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to streamline payroll for employees.

Employee Attendance Monitoring Software

Our employee attendance monitoring solutions feature calendar modules for requested leave and time accrual modules

Web-Based Time Clock Solutions

Our team builds web-based, together with native & mobile digital clock solutions that at the same time manages and monitors work schedules.

GPS-based Time Clock Solutions

Ivan’s developers use a GPS-based time clock component and integrate it inside current attendance tracking solutions enabling maintenance of clock-ins/outs of employees and updated location-tracking functions.

Software for Management of Employee Performance

Ivan’s skilled developers build sophisticated performance management software solutions that are
customized to meet your business specifications and requirements.

Complete Feedback Solutions

You can get comprehensive feedback solutions equipped with rating scales, performance measure functions and in-built review forms

Performance Management Analytics

We create analytics software for performance management configured with executive dashboards, dashboards for performance metrics & analytics visualization.

Employee Recognition Software

Our developers design employee recognition solutions that automate programs, enable team performance tracking and generate digital repositories.

Goal Tracking Solutions

Our human capital management software includesresponsive goal tracking systems that give you dashboards with your business goals and simultaneously monitor employee as well as department progress.

Compliance Management Solutions for ACA

Our team develops ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant management solutions which guarantees that businesses comply with ACA policies and standards.

Reporting Services for ACA

We deliver ACA reporting facilities, smoothly incorporating time and attendance solutions with tailored dashboards to monitor employees on an hourly basis.

ACA HRIS Software

We help you manage ACA compliance using ACA HRIS software configured to generate government-related tax forms required for employers and employees, inclusive of 1094-C & 1095-C forms.

Benefits Enrollment solutions

We code and develop benefits enrollment integrations into your current HCM software solutions to ease employee enrollment through an interface that is web-based.

Benefits & Payroll Administration Solutions

Our experts arm businesses of all types to smoothly handle employee benefits &payroll packages by
means of our vital human capital management software such aspayroll & benefits administration systems.

Software Integrations for Payroll

You will be able to electronically monitor and communicate requests for unemployment insurance as well as payroll management software that is integrated and certified with SIDES and USDOL.

Payroll Tax Solutions

Our automated payroll tax management software solutions are configured to generate tax forms, electronically file taxes and render accurate deduction calculations. Human capital management software like automation-driven tax management for payroll is vital for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Payroll EFT Solutions

At Ivan Infotech, we integrate features of Payroll EFT Software Solutions within your current HCM software solutions to optimize billing and employee management procedures.


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