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Ivan’s software development specialists have many years of experience in developing customised sports software solutions for athletic programs, sports medicine, and fitness clubs. The solutions developed by our sports software development team helps address all your sports software technology challenges.

Data analytics-based solutions for analysing athletic performance

Our sports software development team offers a suite of software solutions integrated with data analytics tools for detailed performance monitoring of athletics. These solutions can be used for monitoring training, tactical game analysis and monitoring injuries.

Data Analytics-based Solutions for Analysing Athletic Performance
Sports Analytics Software

Sports analytics software

We design and deploy tailor-made sports analytics and athletic performance monitoring solutions to analyse data from cameras, wearables, motion sensors, etc. and offer detailed real-time pre and post-game insights. These insights offer clues into performance areas that can be further improved.

Athletics Tracking Solutions

Athletics tracking solutions

Our sports performance tracking software integrates data from GIS, RFID, GPS, Sensors, wearable tech, etc. to offer pinpoint data analytics and help in tactical and physical performance analysis.

Sports Data Management Tools

Sports data management tools

Our sports software development team offers customised data management solutions that can be used to integrate data from many sources. We further leverage data analytics tools to analyse the large repositories of stored data.

Sports Video Analytics Software

Sports video analytics software

Our developers have created a custom-made and dedicated sports software solution that can analyse sports videos. Using our solution it is possible to edit, tag, synchronise, import, photo sequence, extract, and change the resolution of sports videos.

Gym and fitness club management software

Streamline your fitness business operations by using our custom-made gym and fitness club management software. The software offered by our sports software development team can be used to manage memberships, automate daily tasks, analyse disparate data, etc.

Fitness Club Management Solution

Fitness club management solution

Our customised software solutions for fitness and sports facilities can enhance operational efficiency and streamline the entire workflow, including scheduling, billing, point of sale, payroll, etc.

Membership Management Software

Membership management software

Our custom-built membership management software modules can be used for managing enrollment applications, membership database management, tracking payments, web portals, etc.

Mobile Applications for Gym

Mobile applications for gym

The tailor-made mobile apps developed by our sports software development team can boost client engagement with fitness providers. The apps can be used to offer online coaching, plan nutrition, book classes, offer social media engagement, etc.

Fitness Equipment Software

Fitness equipment software

We offer software that can be embedded into wearables. Our software can help wearable devices collect more data regarding training sessions and integrate the data with other tools.

Gym And Fitness Club Management Software

Golf software solutions

Our sports software development experts offer intuitive, flexible and customised software solutions for addressing the needs of the golf industry. The software solutions can help in managing tournaments, POS integration, scheduling tee time, etc.

Golf Software Solutions
Golf Software Development

Golf Software development

Our sports software development solution team offers customised golf-management software to streamline operations, maximise your golf business value, enrich the player experience, etc.

Tools for Managing Club Events

Tools for managing club events

Our dedicated event management tools can be used for managing league, association, private play, tournament, etc. There are custom modules that can be used for optimising pairing, offer live scores, create leaderboards, monitor weather, etc.

Golf Pos Software Solutions

Golf POS software solutions

Golf POS software solutions are offered under the sports software solution by our development team. These solutions can be integrated into eCommerce apps, restaurants, payment collection systems, concession stands, 19th holes, etc.

Tech Programming for Golf Software

Tech programming for Golf software

We offer detailed golf simulations with terrain conditions, 3D graphics/ animations, course design, scorecards, and tee boxes. These simulations are compatible with AR/VR technologies and offer a detailed analysis of players and golf clubs.

Kinesiology software solutions

Our best-in-class kinesiology software solution can be used to perform a detailed analysis of bone and muscle movement in athletics. The insights generated by the software can assist sports institutes, educators, creators of health-related programs, etc. to devise solutions that further improve athletic performance

Kinesiology Software

Kinesiology software

Our sports software development solution team offer custom-built kinesiology apps and kinesiology software that can be used for performance monitoring, fitness tracking, physical therapy, anatomy, biofeedback, biomechanics, training, etc.

Motion Tracking Solutions

Motion tracking solutions

Our sports software solutions team can offer bespoke motion tracking software to analyse and track skeletal muscles, posture, balance, eye, anatomy, physical attributes, etc.

3d Modelling Software

3D modelling software

Incorporating data from sensors, our sports software development team can create 3D modelling application programming that creates detailed 3D animation of musculoskeletal motion.

Kinesiology Motion Capture Applications

Kinesiology motion capture applications

We create bespoke motion capture applications that can be integrated with embedded and wearable devices, cameras, and sensors, etc. to capture every motion angle.

Kinesiology Software Solutions

Sports medicine software

Our custom-built sports injury tracking software can be integrated into sports medicine systems.
The software can help injury status better and track overall fitness levels.

Sports Medicine Software
Sports Health Software Solution

Sports health software solution

Our custom-built sports health software solution can help in analysing injuries. They offer integrated assessment for sports medics, physical therapists, orthopaedic specialists, athletic trainers, etc.

Tools For Managing Club Events

Tools for managing club events

Our dedicated event management tools can be used for managing league, association, private play, tournament, etc. There are custom modules that can be used for optimising pairing, offer live scores, create leaderboards, monitor weather, etc.

Injury Tracking App

Injury tracking app

Injury tracking applications created by our sports software development team can offer end-to-end documentation of neck, spine, foot, knee, ankle, and other key organs. We also offer diagnostic/ treatment decision support and image analysis as well.

Nutrition Management Software

Nutrition management software

Our sports software development solution team developed nutrition management software to create a food database, offer calorie tracking, help manage diet, offer personalised nutrition plans, etc.

Sports training software

The customised sports training software offered by our sports software solution team can be used to capture valuable data, organise and analyse the same to derive valuable insights for athletes, teams, coaches and sports organisations.

Sports Training Software Modules

Sports training software modules

Our sports software development team offer sports training software capable of processing huge chunks of disparate data from different sources and analyse the same to offer real-time performance analysis. The insights offered by the software can be used to structure online or in-person training modules.

Sports Training Applications

Sports training applications

Our custom-built training applications can be used to compile fitness assessment, and stress management data to evaluate athlete readiness. Our applications can also be used to create a detailed sports schedule and offer workouts and custom exercises.

Sports Training Analytics

Sports training analytics

The apps developed by our sports software development solution team offer custom advanced data processing capabilities for the real-time calculation of training load and intensity. The app offers detailed tracking metrics and intuitive reports for detailed insights.

Sports Training Software


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