Custom-built POS Software Development


Bespoke POS Solutions to Elevate Your Performance

Are you looking for bespoke POS software solutions to transform your retail business? POS or Point of Sale is a pivotal solution to facilitate control of your complete business from a centralized platform. You can depend on the expert developers at Ivan to harness their vast experience in tailored POS development. Our team is dedicated to developing the ultimate POS software for companies, no matter their scale or size. Ivan teams up with leading POS software businesses, like Equinox, Verifone, Oracle Micros, Worldpay, Ingenico, and Clover. We gain an understanding of your trademark business flair and foster your business processes with POS terminals, dashboards, robust POS apps and so on.

Integration Services for Payment Gateway & Processor

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • WorldPay
  • Wavecrest
  • WePay
  • Authorize.Net
  • MojoPay
  • CardConnet
  • Sage

Tailor-made POS Programming

  • Screens
  • Menu Interfaces
  • Mobile Apps
  • Keyboards
  • Asset Management
  • Tip and Bar Tab Monitoring
  • Quality Control Systems
  • Scheduling and Management
  • Inventory Control

Bespoke POS Development for Every Sector

  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Banking
  • Lending
  • Education

POS Analytics & Reporting

  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • KPI Tracking
  • Assimilate Data Quicker
  • Customer Insights
  • Decision Support
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Inventory Insight

POS Solutions to Boost Your Success

POS Analytics Solutions

We build POS software solutions for SOA (Service-Oriented Architectures) that enable decision support, predictive analytics, KPI tracking, data mining, dashboards for real-time reporting that empower you to analyze your data quickly and accurately.

POS Integration

Our POS software development includesfull-stack POS as well as payments software while also harnessing 3rd-party POS software modules from QuickBooks POS, Shopify POS, Poynt and more.

POS Solutions for Food Service

We build flexible restaurant & bar POS solutions that boost functionality by incorporating 3rd-party POS solutions from Lightspeed, TouchBistro, and Toast POS. Some of the features you will get include order management, waitlists, reservations, tableside ordering apps and guest & table management.

Software Development for POS

Our developers build robust POS software solutions& pin pad terminals optimized for a range of 3rd-party devices. This ensures smooth, efficient terminal applications and payment systems. With the POS solutions we develop, you gain streamline workflows and heightened customer experiences, thanks to a host of popular features, such as customer engagement integrations, analytics engines, security algorithms etc.

POS Programming

Gain the capacity to customize your solutions using code modifications to scheduling, keyboards, menus, barcode scanning through mobiles, asset management tools and more with our POS software development services. Our team empowers you to organize and personalize menu interfaces, colour schemes and frictionless check-out processes on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 devices with the help of Java, CSS 3, Classic ASP, Asp.Net, HTML, MySQL Oracle, AJAX among others using POS programming services.

POS Installation

Seasoned experts at Ivan Infotech offer POS software development services including the installation of POS software of your preference to boost the efficiency of your business, produce optimized experiences for employees and heighten customer satisfaction. During installation, we implement hardware implementation, testing for hardware & network, system configuration as well as a system overview, in order to make sure your POS functions are aligned to the requirements of your business.

POS Configuration

We have POS specialists who can flawlessly integrate database connections, regardless of the POS software solution, whether it is Verifone, Oracle MICROS-OPERA, Clover, Ingenico and others, to enable streamlined interaction between terminals, modules, hardware, multi-payment alternatives and interfaces.

POS Apps

We build payment systems and mobile apps for Windows, Android, iOS and Pocket PC with Card Readers, Batch or Memory Barcode Scanners and other features. You will be able to carry our business on the go, monitor sales and carry out transactions without the need for heavy-duty hardware setup. Additionally, you can also use your POS app to view reports or carry out marketing and inventory and more.

POS Upgrade

We offer upgrades for terminal interfaces used for your POS software solutions while simultaneously making sure that all your data is backed up and secure during the upgrade process. We deliver upgrades to empower you to opt for advanced and dependable hardware, speed up receipt printing, get rid of payment processing malfunctions and amplify EMV security using P2PE and tokenization.

Web-based POS Software

We create online terminal interfaces that allow you to take orders online. It enables online or phone-based card-not-present transactions with IVR modules using touch-tone responses. We integrate e-commerce checkout solutions and shopping carts equipped to connect smoothly with well-known platforms such as PrestaShop, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

System Software for POS

We build and incorporate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps that allow automation of profile creation, gifts/discount management, customized marketing as well as loyalty programs. Additionally, our POS software development includes customer behaviour analysis modules involving applications to map trends/ relationships, monitor case histories and interactions.

Custom Services using POS

At Ivan Infotech, we amp up POS systems with functionalities that have the flexibility to align to all business development requirements. We make tailored POS apps, processing rules, reports, marketing features and checkout processes in e-commerce. Our dedicated team collaborates with your team to create a POS with features that make you profitable.

Integrations for POS Accounting

Our team creates accounts receivable/payable programs together with credit management integrations for short-term and vendor databases. Your POS software solutions can be equipped with smooth integrations of top-notch accounting programs such as Oracle, Microsoft Dynamic GP, QuickBooks, Sage and SAP.

Payment Processing Solutions

Our team builds robust POS terminal software under our POS software development services, to carry out the processing of checks, EBT, mobile payments, cash as well as cards such as debit, credit, prepaid, gifts & rewards and loyalty. We offer integrations with leading payment processing gateways such as PayPal, Worldpay, Amazon Payments, Authorize.Net, First Data, SecurePay and more. Our solutions have functionalities like capture, refund, sale, void, authorization, recurring together with many other typical payment varieties.

POS Inventory Services

We equip your POS software solutions with inventory management software to automate stock transfer processes, inventory counts & carry out real-time inventory synchronization, spanning several platforms. POS inventory solutions include components such as channel-specific stocking, updates on stock status, include stock adjustments and more which combine smoothly with advanced scanning innovations like QR code, barcodes, NFC and RFID.


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