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Asset tracking software development solution

To keep your business operations running smoothly, it is important to have clear end-to-end visibility of all the physical assets. Our asset tracking software solutions can help you do that and would thus have an instrumental role in reducing downtime, enhancing profit and preventing loss.

Software For Tracking Fixed Assets

Software for tracking fixed assets

Our asset tracking software development team develops tailor-made asset tracking and asset management software with inbuilt maps, asset directories, reporting tools, customisable fields, etc. Our programs are created using the most popular database management systems and integrate third-party APIs to create the ideal custom-built solution for your business.

RFID Software

RFID software

The RFID tracking software built by our team includes central databases, embedded scanners, custom dashboards, mobile scanning apps and tag printer techs. Short and long-range antennae and RFID scanners are facilitated by our solutions to help you provided an updated location of assets in real-time.

GPS Asset Tracking

GPS asset tracking

The GPS based asset tracking software solution offered by our team can be used both as a standalone solution or in conjunction with a mobile field service app or Supply chain management system. We offer powerful navigation and mapping software along with RBAC modules for IoT devices.

Mobile-based Asset Management Software

Mobile-based asset
management software

Our asset tracking software development teams also offer asset tracking and management software applications that are either native to one platform (iOS or Android) or have cross-platform compatibility. The apps are integrated with features like GPS-powered asset tracking maps, full-database functionality, and camera scanners. The apps offered can also be customised to offer alerts when the asset being searched for is nearby or is being relocated without proper permissions.

IT-based Asset Tracking Software Solution

IT-based asset
tracking software solution

Our IT-based asset tracking software solutions offer features like RFID tracking, capturing check-in and check-out data from barcode scanning, GPS tracking, etc. The software solutions can be seamlessly integrated into a range of IT hardware like laptops, computer accessories, hard disks, video equipment, etc.

Barcode Based Software Solutions

Barcode based
software solutions

Our asset tracking software development teams offer customised barcode asset tracking software solutions that integrate real-time database systems, barcode scanner software, etc. The software can be used to track assets in various locations or business areas.

Automated tracking of assets

The automated asset tracking software solutions offered by our experts can be used to perform centralised asset management.
Using the solutions offered by our asset tracking software development team, you can track down the location of every asset throughout the organisation.

Lifecycle Management of It Assets

Lifecycle management of IT assets

Using Ivan’s advanced solutions you can manage the entire lifecycle of your IT assets and make strategic decisions.

Manage Funds

Manage funds

The features and custom modules implemented by Ivan Infotech helps you track and manage funds in an effective manner. You can use our asset tracking software solution to track all incoming funds and disburse them to the required locations while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Compliance With Mandate

Compliance with mandate

The asset tracking solutions offered by our asset tracking software development team can help you track all your fixed assets and comply with state and federal regulatory mandates.

Automated Tracking of Assets
Tool Tracking

Tool tracking

Our system can help you address issues related to the management and control of tools and increase efficiency by standardising procedures related to tool access and management.

Equipment Tracking

Equipment tracking

The intelligent asset tracking software solutions developed by our expert developers can help you track all equipment in your factory- thus minimising costs related to stolen or tracking misplaced equipment. The solutions boost your capability to enforce a robust equipment management system.

Managing Facilities

Managing facilities

Our facility management software can be used for effective management of large asset quantities, enhancing asset visibility, and performing compliance checks.


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