Application Maintenance Services

Sustaining, re-scaling, and debugging your application

Your organisation can face chaos when your internal systems and customer-facing apps do not give optimal performance. By providing on-demand and convenient app maintenance services through the use of time-tested methodologies, we ensure that your apps continue to run at optimal performance to drive revenue.

Sustaining, Re-scaling, and Debugging Your Application
App Maintenance Services

App maintenance services

Our experts offer IT infrastructure and app maintenance and development services for enhancing the performance, scalability, and portability of your important systems. We have years of experience in offering support to popular ERP, CRM, and CMS apps. Our team can also support SOA based internal systems.

Maintenance of Mobile Apps

Maintenance of mobile apps

Under application maintenance service, our team can maintain your mobile apps to increase their uptime, optimise server performance, improve business process management, enhance UI/UX, comply with regulations, etc.

Refactoring of Code

Refactoring of code

Our solutions for app refactoring improve the application’s internal code structures and ensures continuous external functionality. Our experts not only improve the implementation of API but also streamlines the designs and help eliminate redundancies in programming.

Application maintenance services

Ivan’s experts offer app maintenance services and help you make decisions backed by data analytics. With our tailor-made software, you can track, organise and schedule your application maintenance activities

Multi-layered Support Solutions

Multi-layered support solutions

Our team can offer you three levels of support solutions. Our services include performing system audits, fixing standard issues, supporting the IT environment, etc. Our perfective and adaptive application maintenance service, all-around performance analysis, upgrades, analysis of root cause, and migration of legacy systems can address all your needs.

Re-engineering the Applications

Re-engineering the applications

Along with offering app maintenance and development services, we also help in the modernisation, upgrade, and migration of legacy applications. Our team offers round-the-clock support, monitoring and maintenance services to time-dependent applications.

Maintenance of Web Applications

Maintenance of web applications

Our application maintenance services team can customise, debug and test your web applications. Our team can update the information presented on the site, maintain the site database, monitor the site, enhance security measures, etc. We always adhere to SLA guidelines while offering maintenance services.

Application Maintenance Services

Developing custom mobile applications

Our app maintenance services team follow a mobile-friendly process of development. Through preventive maintenance, our experts offer solutions that can connect the entire team and have less downtime.

Developing Android Application

Developing Android application

Our experts can leverage the power of Android OS and features specific to devices for offering applications that serve internal and commercial businesses. Our developers have great knowledge of Java, C++, Eclipse IDE, C++, Android studio, API bundles, etc. They can design, develop and deploy a custom mobile application and provide application maintenance services based on your requirements.

Developing IOS Applications

Developing iOS applications

We offer native app development of iOS apps that can be used on different Apple devices. Our developers have a thorough understanding of the basics and have experience in developing iOS applications that include specific features native to iOS. Our app developers are experts in Objective C, Swift, iOS, Xcode, SDK, Cocoa controls, etc. We will also assist you to launch your app on the App Store platform.

Developing Apps for Windows 10

Developing Apps for windows 10

We can offer you custom-built desktop applications that connect with Excel, Word and Photoshop within tailored mobile apps. We use the UWP API to create apps that are supported on diverse platforms including Xbox, Mixed reality, etc.

Solutions to develop applications

We have the right expertise in software development to create custom apps for business promotion, streamline internal processes, provide application maintenance services and offer a unique experience to users. Our app maintenance services team has expertise in back end languages, DBMS, and front end languages like Java, PHP, HTML, Ruby, SQL, IBM, Db2, etc.

Solutions to Develop Applications
Developing Applications and Web Designs

Developing applications and web designs

We use CSS, and HTML5 to create web designs that are responsive. We also integrate technologies like VR, AI, UI, etc. for offering users an enhanced user experience.

Developing Mobile Applications for Ecommerce

Developing mobile applications for eCommerce

Our experts can create for you dynamic eCommerce mobile applications that have W3C compliant wallets and payment options integrated within them.

Developing API Integration

Developing API integration

Our experts can develop for you API solutions that are used in developing b2b web applications, CRMs and systems for tracking assets. We can also modify your existing solutions and make them modernised.

Developing enterprise applications

For achieving success, you need to develop apps that can give you consistent performance across diverse platforms and browsers. Our application developers perform numerous scenario testing of on-premise applications and provide application maintenance services to ensure that they offer the fest functions right before deploying them.

Developers of Enterprise App

Developers of
enterprise app

Our talented pool of developers has huge experience across different technology platforms and verticals like real-estate, healthcare, banking, retail, and telecom. Our apps can be used to automate the workflows of CRM, ERP, and SCM.

Solutions for Integrating Enterprise Software

Solutions for integrating enterprise software

While creating web portals, microsites, e-commerce solutions, and apps, we offer clean and dynamic backends and a scalable front end. We also offer the inclusion of third party web services like Salesforce, Amazon, UPS, etc. for enhancing the UI/UX for both customers and businesses.

Developing Enterprise Applications

Our solutions for software development


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