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Now you would be able to meet business goals by monitoring your sales resources and track sales performance. You would be able to create an optimal solution selling sales strategy and content by making use of customised Business Intelligence data and sales cycles reports.
The software solutions offered by Ivan’s experts can boost productivity and revenue.

Software to manage sales leads

The sales lead management software solutions can be used for indoor marketing workflows including email marketing operations, content marketing platforms, SEO management, social media integrations, behaviour analysis, and personalised offer management. The marketing automation software helps in better time management of the sales team and increases productivity and effectiveness.

SalesForce software

The integration of Salesforce software enables small to large enterprises to manage direct sales and channel sales. Ivan Infotech offers Salesforce Automation platforms, inside sales systems, sales enablement software, etc.

Software for managing Sales Customer Database

Our experts offer Sales Customer Database software that can help in managing contacts, sales pipeline, marketing information, etc. Our bespoke software application can be used to track leads and manage deals.

Solutions to enable sales

Our bespoke sales enablement software can help in improving collaboration, generating leads, managing opportunities, and forecasting sales.

Integrating sales software

We can also help in integrating the customised sales software developed by our experts into 3rd party systems like Sales CRM software, data migration, ERP, etc.

Software for Sales Analytics

Sales big-data analytics solutions can be created by our expert developers. Our experts can manage the entire lifecycle from design to the roll-out of such software. Our experts can create transaction software that offers features like data mining, KPI tracking, real-time reporting, performance monitoring, etc.

Software services for inside sales

The inside sales applications and systems developed by our experts offer features like auto-dialers, meeting and call management tools, live chat tools, quote generation tools, Computer Telephony Integrations, and 360-degree feedback tools.

Developing software for tracking sales

Ivan’s experts can offer you bespoke sales tracking software solutions including software like Commissions management software, contracts/order management software, sales funnel software, territory management software, etc.


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