Retail Software Solutions



Retail Software Solutions

We Have Software Developers with Retail Industry-Experience

As a leading retail software development solution company, we can offer you the best customised retail software solutions to be used by dealerships, e-commerce, big commerce, C-store & grocery marts, etc.

Retail Software Development

Software Development

From retailers to consumer goods companies, we serve all with our retail software solutions like e-commerce services, omnichannel infrastructure, and shopping carts tailored to uniquely each requirement.

Pos Systems & Billing

POS Systems
& Billing

Our integrated brick-and-mortar POS systems are hassle-free, user-friendly, and packed with advanced features like automated invoicing, security, and payment processing. Our seamless retail software development services for POS systems are upgraded to fit all forms of payments including bank cards, mobile payments, and check.

Commercial Operations


Whether it’s for merchandise management, information management for products or even promotions, our all-inclusive approach to retail software solutions provides the best services in streamlined and automated processes suited for commercial operations.

Inventory Management


Our retail software development services make it possible for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to have full command over their inventories and complete visibility. The inventory and warehouse management systems designed at Ivan Infotech aim to offer user-friendly and flawless services.

Order Management


Our retail software solutions are designed for seamless workflow through advanced services in order management. These order processing modules are perfect for omnichannel completion and inventory management as well.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Supply Chain &
Logistics Management

For all your retail-related processes like warehouse management, logistics, and reverse logistics we have an eccentric and wide application of supply chain & logistics management functionality.

Custom Retail & Wholesale Software Solutions

Our wholesale and retail software solutions are tailored with advanced functionality making them perfect for corporate infrastructure. As a leading retail software development solution company, we can offer you feature-packed retail software solutions to transform your business in and out.

Retail Loyalty Software Solutions

Retail Loyalty
Software Solutions

Our retail loyalty software solutions a reall-inclusive of membership, components for operational processes, account management functionality for consumers, self-service for all members, rewards, and various other features.

AR & VR Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions

The augmented & virtual reality solutions at Ivan Infotech are designed for virtual fitting rooms, VR, touchscreen showrooms, product catalogues, and more retail-specific features for the best shopping experience online.

Mobile Retail Application Solutions

Mobile Retail
Application Solutions

Specific mobile-based retail software solutions for retailers, distributors, and consumers are made possible through our mobile POS, order processing, and multiple other features.

Custom Retail & Wholesale Software Solutions
Omnichannel Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions

Our retail software development services have built-in self-service choices and customized tools for better communication making them well suited for customer service.

Custom E-Commerce Software Solutions

As a goto retail software development solution company Ivan Infotech offers Customised software solutions for the e-commerce industry. The retail software solutions designed by Ivan Infotech are at par with industry standards.

E-Commerce Software Solutions

We develop software solutions for inventory-specific needs to automatically synchronize physical inventories with the ones in your e-commerce store, these services are tailored to be mobile-responsive too.

Virtual Storefronts

Virtual Storefronts

The virtual storefronts we have engineered are integrated with order and payment processing systems for automated billing and secure processing of transactions.

B2c & B2b Marketplaces

B2C & B2B Marketplaces

Chic and integrated B2C & B2B marketplaces are developed, designed, and packed with features for bridging the gap between consumers, vendors, and distributors.

E-commerce Web Designs

E-Commerce Web Designs

We excel in remarkable e-commerce websites and e-commerce specific applications that are compatible with mobile and offer a unique and user-friendly shopping experience to consumers.

With our BigCommerce, Magneto, and Shopify platform builders for e-commerce, you get the perfect retail software solution for your e-commerce business.

Custom E-commerce Software Solutions

Custom Shopping Cart Software Solutions

Being an industry-leading retail software development solution company we use industry-leading tools and experienced professionals, to design shopping cart platforms equipped with branded category management and product catalogues.

Custom Shopping Cart Software Solutions

Shopping Cart Solutions

Our shopping cart solutions are mobile-friendly and work seamlessly for all types of retail businesses to aim for a unique and optimum online shopping experience for your consumer base.

Shopping Cart Development

Shopping Cart Development

Our retail software solutions are focused on developing the best catalogue features, management of branded category and multi-store platforms.

Open-source Shopping Cart Integration

Open-Source Shopping Cart Integration

Our open-source customized modules are available for apps and websites packed with Ecwid, OpenCart, and ZenCart extensions.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions

Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions

Our shopping cart abandonment facilities are integrated with role-based access, back office access, and various features for conversion rate management.

We harness and integrate top software solutions specific to shopping cart processes like Weebly, ZenCart, and OpenCart to your e-commerce outlet.

Custom Mobile E-Commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce and retail software solutions are both employee and customer-friendly with customized templates and themes.

Mobile E-Commerce Solutionsion

Our retail software development services design automated and streamlined processes for wholesale distributors, retailers, mobilizing firms, and consumers.

Mobile POS Management

Mobile POS Management

We design our mobile-based POS management systems with industry-standard tolls for feature-rich inventory management capabilities for smooth real-time transactions and inventory reports.

Role-specific Solutions

Role-Specific Solutions

Our retail software development services enable role-specific features for employees in retail to ensure clear communication and retrieve specific information.

Order Entry & Tracking

Order Entry & Tracking

We develop software solutions that enable smooth order tracking and entry and are integrated with mobile-basedcatalogue management, inventory management, and several modules for order management as well.

Industry-standard POS software like Square, Shopkeep, and Lightspeed are integrated into our solutions for flawless payment and transactions on your online platform for e-commerce.

Custom Mobile E-commerce Solutions

Custom Dealership Management Software Solutions

As a leading retail software development solution company, Ivan Infotech has integrated automated marketing, CARFAX data management, and scheduling features into our dealership management software solutions to enhance efficiency in service departments.

Custom Dealership Management Software Solutions

Dealership Management

Our retail software development services focus on enabling high customer satisfaction in your e-commerce store with streamlined processes for service departments and more closures in terms of sales.

Sales Management

Sales Management

Our dealership management solutions enable you to sell services, parts, merchandise, and units through a single user-friendly interface.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Our customized inventory management solutions offer complete control and full visibility for managing your inventory along with real-time tracking.

Accounting Management

Accounting Management

Our retail software solutions are integrated with features for smooth access to purchase orders, reduce the time for bookkeeping, generation of invoices, and automated process for transfer receipt generation.

Shipping & Logistics Management Software Solutions

Our retail software solutions offer complete visibility and control over deliveries and shipments for top-notch logistics and shipping services.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Our warehouse management systems are equipped with supply chain management software for full control of warehouse management processes.

Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Our AI-driven applications for logistics management enable clear visibility and smooth management of schedules for your supply chain.

Shipping & Delivery Management

Shipping & Delivery Management

Right from warehouse management to delivery, our logistics and shipping solutions enable smooth supply chain management.

Our logistics management software is integrated with other API features from companies like FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

Shipping & Logistics Management Software Solutions


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