Safeguarding your privacy essentials

Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is Committed to Safeguard Every Privacy Essentials

Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd., respects your concern regarding safety and security for all sorts of Personal Information collected from you. We have tailored our privacy policy according to the mode (our business website, software applications, social media pages, e-mail, and others) of Information collection. Read it carefully to know our information gathering, its uses and its distribution processes.

We are Strict about Privacy

Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd., values your concern regarding the dealing of personal information that you provided us or we collected. This Policy will help you to understand about how you can control its distribution and discernment. It also puts proper light on our ethical practices regarding information collected through links or any other means. Feel free to refer this Policy in case you want to have a detailed knowledge on this ground.

We are conscious and strict on this ground. The channels through which we collect information for various ethical business purposes may provide links to various non-Ivan Infotech websites, social networks, applications and more. The third party connection may occur due to the same. However, those situations are beyond our control. Read our privacy policy, and website user agreement carefully before using our website and services.

Information We Collect Remains Safe & Secured Every Way

At point we may collect information through interaction with you or through analytics and also through your usage of our business website, identifiable individual and others. No matter what the mode or technique is; we guarantee to keep it safe, protected and secured. People associated with Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd., will by no means use such information in any unlawful manner.

Besides, you need to understand that all your personal information is not restricted to:

  • Physical address
  • Email addresses
  • Your name
  • Website usage behavior
  • Demographic attributes
  • Telephone numbers
  • Past transaction behavior
  • Third party information

We may also collect other information depending upon business requirements (even if it doesn't reveal your definite identity) through cookies, Internet Protocol or IP address and more. In every way we assure to guard integrity and sensibility of your information. But, Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd., is not liable or is warrant for any kind of illegitimate details or information delivered by you. We would like you to ascertain that you will remain sincere while delivering all such personal information to us. Make sure that you remain in touch with us on a timely basis while doing business. We assure to do our part while protecting your privacy hope you will do your part too. Try to remove all inaccuracies at the earliest from your end. Take note: We grant information through strict privacy agreements. We also take adequate action to every kind of legal process that results in a legitimate IT service delivery. Moreover, we also respect the importance to use information for investigation, illegal activities, fraud, potential threats and more.

What We Do With the Information

Such sorts of information are essential to understand your business requirements and deliver better service. Other reasons being:

  • Internal records
  • For our business betterment
  • For keeping you updated with special offers or other that may be advantageous for you
  • For market research purposes
  • For smoother contact in between you and us
  • For website customizing requirements

Our Process of Information Collection

Remember, Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd., may collect personal and any other sorts of information from various sources. Those are:

  • Direct interactions - Though your website use and also interaction with us
  • Third parties - Automated interactions
  • Technologies - Electronic communication, cookies, URLs and widgets

However, our automated interactions may change depending upon time, technological updates and others.


A cookie is information bits sent by a web server that can be stored on a web browser (in the form of information, identifier, user preferences, general usage or statistical information). This is to help the browser to read it back. Ivan Infotech's server may also do the same with your browser to find and identify cookies. Often, cookies remain on users' computers even after leaving the website. You can always remove those according to your requirement. Your browser will have complete control on such cookies. Things that you can control in this context are:

  • Cookie preferences
  • Flash cookies
  • Embedded URLs
  • Physical location

Objectivity & Other Details of Policy

Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd., endows your trust and confidence on us. We guarantee to prevent any sorts of unauthorized disclosure and complete safeguard of your personal information in a best possible way. So, we follow sound security practices for each of our valuable clients and also our website users. We assure to use all your personal details in a fair and lawful manner. In certain cases all your personal information will be collected after your complete approval only. It can also be reviewed by the information provider (whenever required and requested). Remain assured that information that you provide will be kept secure in every possible way.

We promise that we won't disclose, transfer or publish any of your crucial personal information with any other, without your complete consent. Besides, you have the complete right to opt out. Remember, authenticity of information provided by you is entirely yours. Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd., by no means can be hold responsible for its accuracy.

Take Note:

Privacy Policy of Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd., may change or get modified from time to time depending upon the then market conditions and business requirements. We will notify and keep you updated whenever it gets done and will ensure that all your prior rights get reserved even after the changes. For further details contact us @ 91-85829-88941 or


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