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Field Service Management Software System

Boost revenues, customer loyalty and company efficiency for field service operations with us because we build, integrate,
and customise the best Field Service Management solutions with order fulfilment software, logistics systems, inventory management system, EDI.

Field Service Management App Development

Field Service Management App Development

In order to boost business productivity, communication real-time, and quick reaction times, we provide complete app development for Field Service Management solutions. As part of our FSM platform development, we streamline back-office operations and enable field service engineers to swiftly submit service requests, diagnose problems, and make sure that jobs are performed on time.

Real-time FSM Communication Software Development

Real-Time FSM Communication Software Development

In order to ensure transparent communications between field service personnel and dispatchers, we provide Real-Time Communication Software employing Telephonyic and VoIP Programming. To facilitate service and change requests, bills, and payments, follow-up on work orders, we design secure communication portals for managers.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and

Dashboard modules that allow field service engineers to create and analyse comprehensive reports as well as assign new jobs, access schedules, access technician attendance reports, view service as well as ticket details, invoice customers and are just a few of the many features we develop for field service operators.

Customer FSM Self-service Portals

Customer FSM
Self-Service Portals

Using smart search modules, chatbots, voice biometrics, virtual agents, and self-service capabilities, we create AI-powered Customer FSM Self-Help Portals to provide customers with quick service. The scheduling and work order processing features are integrated into these portals to facilitate a seamless automation experience.

Logistics Management and Reverse Logistics Engines

Logistics Management and Reverse Logistics Engines

Reverse Logistics and Logistics Management can easily be managed by our Field Service Management solutions, which start with RMAs for rapid repair and exchange returns on supply. Repair turnaround times are shortened, and costs are reduced, as a result of our reverse logistics engines.

Remote Assistance


Get the remote specialists to understand, solve, and verify issues for customers and field service professionals in unreachable places, with the Remote Assistance Software of our Field Service Management solutions. Customer or field technicians can observe the remote expert's field of vision in an interactive, virtual reality environment when using these systems, which blend two real-time video streams.

Custom Field Service Management Solutions

With Custom Fleet Management Solutions (CFM), Fleet Managers can manage their fleets and supply chains from a single platform,
while also managing inventory, enterprise assets, and orders.

FSM Planning, Dispatch and Scheduling Software

FSM Planning, Dispatch and Scheduling Software

In order to successfully interact via voice IP and SMS, optimise routes, build work plans, and distribute work to the correct resources and channels while maintaining SLAs we provide AI-powered Planning & Scheduling Solutions. For difficult capacity forecasting concerns, utilize our predictive modelling tools.

Mobile Field Service Application Solutions

Mobile Field Service Application Solutions

To automate and optimise operations throughout the enforce field service lifecycle, we develop Custom Mobile Field Service Management solutions with in-built dynamic scheduling, inventory management software, real-time alerts, online chat modules, invoicing and accounting, and route optimization, and CRM, reports and dashboards, reverse logistics, and more.

Mobile Billing Software Solutions

Mobile Billing Software Solutions

Using our tailor-made Mobile Billing Software Solutions, you can generate invoices, keep track of inventory items, accept e-signatures, record payments, process payments, and finish work orders while implementing with card readers and Payment Gateways to CRM systems and accounting systems, among other functions seamlessly.

FSM Inventory Management Solutions

FSM Inventory Management Solutions

As part of our Inventory Management Software integration, we provide customised inventory modules for finding personal and organizational portable devices as well as vital work equipment.

Custom FSM Software Features

Field service engineers, personnel, and dispatchers can automate their work with Field Service
Management solutions integrated with user-friendly back-office technologies that we build.

Workforce Management Software

Industry-leading technologies are incorporated into our Custom Workforce Management Software to organize the entire process from end to end. Automate your existing Field Service Management solutions using our software.

  • Fleet Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Service Contract Management
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Service Project Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Document Management
  • Warranty Management

GIS Solutions

To gather geographic information, and maximise planning, build interactive mapping solutions, route optimization, we construct and implement Custom GIS or Geographic Information Systems. These are some of the GIS solutions we develop:

  • Dynamic Mapping Interfaces
  • Geoprocessing & Geocoding
  • Data Capture Solutions
  • Elevation & Spatial Analysis
  • Geospatial Mapping Software
  • Interoperable Data Management

Mobile Inventory Management

Service technicians can manage inventory and track parts at all times with our integrated Field Service Inventory Planning, Parts Tracking, and Management software which is a part of our Field Service Management solutions. Features we apply in our tailor-made mobile inventory management systems include:

  • Maintain Serial Numbers and Lot Numbers
  • Automate Real-Time Notifications
  • Access Audit Trail of Parts Inventory
  • Search Inventory Hierarchy
  • Automated Alerts for Maintaining Inventory Replenishment
  • Real-Time Inventory Location Tracking
  • Accurately Report Costs
  • Scan Barcodes & RFID Tags

Fleet Management

To track, monitor, and manage your fleets in real-time, we connect a unique Fleet Management System with your existing Field Service Management solutions. In order to assist you in properly managing your fleets, we integrate the following features:

  • Engine Control Modules (ECM)
  • Fleet Maintenance Tools
  • Telematics & Dispatching Software
  • Fleet Fuel Management (Fleet Cards)
  • GPS Fleet Tracking Software
  • Fleet Asset Management Systems

FSM Software Integrations

Optimise workflows, streamline operations, and boost customer interaction, we integrate unique features with the current Field Service Management Solution.

Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software

Allow us to design a Field Service Management Solution that is all set to meet your operational requirements and streamline the process.

GPS Tracking & Telematics

GPS Tracking & Telematics

Maximise navigation, route optimization, and fleet tracking, with the combination of telematics systems and GPS tracking, as well as third-party mapping apps from third-party vendors.


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