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Ivan Delivers Custom Mobile App Development Services

Ivan Infotech offers bespoke mobile app development services. Our skilled mobile app developers can create for you customised apps ground up or
skillfully overhaul your existing application using flexible features, modifications and integrations.

Ivan Delivers Custom Mobile App Development Services
Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Our developers are highly experienced in crafting customized Windows, iOS and Android mobile apps that all combine all of the fundamental as well as tailor-made business requirements at cost efficient rates.

Android App Development

Android App Development

Expand your reach to a higher volume of users by creating an app for the highly popular Android smartphone device. To achieve this you can leverage Ivan’s full-stack Android mobile app development services, implementation integration as well as maintenance services.

IOS App Development

iOS App Development

Our iOS apps appeal to tech-savvy iOS users. You can set your business apart from the rest and achieve your goals with our advanced iOS mobile app development services. iOS specialists at Ivan Infotech develop sophisticated mobile apps that strictly comply with Apple's regulatory guidelines and standards ensuring that your product will be launched and distributed on the App Store.

Windows App Development

Windows App Development

Our custom mobile app development services include Windows app specialists to build mobile apps, for instance, industrial mobile apps and Windows-based IoT consumers, by exploiting the power of Microsoft.

Mobile Application Platforms

The expert mobile app developers at Ivan carry out custom mobile app development to build native, hybrid and cross-platform apps taking advantage of the best tools and best practices.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Cross-Platform Mobile
App Development

Our mobile app development services include the creation of flexible cross-platform mobile apps through the use of several customizable functionalities and features to streamline the user experience.

Native Mobile App Development

Native Mobile
App Development

We craft superior, intuitive and reliable native mobile applications to offer exceptional user experience, increase customer loyalty and facilitate improved conversion rates for businesses.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile
App Development

Leveraging the PhoneGap framework we build hybrid mobile apps developed with CSS, JavaScript and HTML to enable businesses to expand their reach to more customers, regardless of their device type.

Mobile Application Design & Development Services

Our team of esteemed mobile app developers can handle the complete lifecycle of the custom mobile app development process, delivering top-notch UX/UI designs, deploying best practices and post-launch support.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

Enterprise Mobile
App Development

Spanning a range of devices and platforms, our enterprise mobile applications cater to the reliability and security demands of larger businesses to optimize workflows, boost productivity and offer enhanced control and visibility.

UX/UI Design & Development

UX/UI Design
& Development

When it comes to look, feel, and functionality for your existing mobile application, our developers integrate relevant features and generate new designs during custom mobile app development to enhance mobile responsiveness, aesthetics and navigation.

Mobile App Support & Maintenance

Mobile App
Support & Maintenance

We keep track of the health of your mobile app through post-development and deployment support & maintenance. Our mobile app development services ensure that your app maintains high performance on different devices and is free of bugs and errors.

Custom Mobile Application Solutions

Our expert team of mobile app developers integrate, customise, develop and modify a range of features to create an application that aligns completely with your business and helps you achieve your goals.

Custom Mobile Application Solutions
Custom-tailored Mobile Apps

Custom-Tailored Mobile Apps

Our team’s custom mobile app development expertise lies in developing advanced mobile application solutions for enterprises, SMBs and startups to optimize workflows by leveraging the most advanced application development innovations.

GPS & GIS Capabilities

GPS & GIS Capabilities

By incorporating GIS and GPS functionalities into your current apps, we enable further mapping, location, tracking, timing and navigation capacities.

Camera & Video Access

Camera & Video Access

Infusing your application with camera & video functionalities ensures that users are able to access, collect and share videos and photos from within the app itself.

State-of-the-art Haptics Technology

State-of-the-art Haptics Technology

We employ emerging haptics technology as part of our custom mobile app development to enhance your mobile application, allowing it to simulate the sensation of touch and give users an immersive experience of 3D objects in virtual environments.

Wearables Application Solutions

Application Solutions

We design sophisticated wearables application solutions for devices such as security wearable software, fitness devices, smartwatches and medical wearables, empowering users to visualize and track their data.

IOT Mobile Application Solutions

IoT Mobile
Application Solutions

Our smart IoT mobile application solutions are developed to successfully control the network for smart things and to simultaneously execute optimized dashboard and reporting modules for streamlined visualization and data.

Custom Mobile App Development
Mobile App Developers
AR/VR Mobile Application Solutions

AR/VR Mobile
Application Solutions

We configure AR and VR mobile applications that are context-aware. They leverage 3D features, object recognition software and location data etc. to render the user experience highly immersive.



Our customizable mobile applications are integrated with elastic scalability, local data cache capacities, and specific virtual environments among others.


The mobile app developers at Ivan are well-conversant with the latest mobile app development tools. They harness these tools to create attractive, secure, highly interoperable and responsive mobile apps that can get your business the reach and recognition it needs.

Phonegap Developers

PhoneGap Developers

Leveraging the capabilities of PhoneGap, we develop versatile hybrid and cross-platform mobile apps. It is a cost-effective technology that is compatible with different platforms such as iOS, WebOS and Android and more.

Swift Developers

Swift Developers

We have Swift developers who implement business-critical mobile apps spanning a wide range of industry sectors. They use the Swift code to create brand new applications or modernize your current mobile applications through key integrations.

Flutter Developers

Flutter Developers

Flutter developers at Ivan Infotech offer customizable, highly responsive and secure on-demand iOS and Android mobile app development services to bring scalability for enterprise-size, SMBs and startups of all industry verticals.

Ionic Developers

Ionic Developers

Our developers are efficient at leveraging the capacities of the Ionic framework under our mobile app development services, to enable flawless front-end experiences, design better and quicker native experiences, and boost customer engagement.

React Native Developers

React Native Developers

The specialist React Native developers at Ivan Infotech harness their immense know-how of React architecture. Leveraging the vast React Native library they build superior mobile apps, coded in JavaScript utilizing SDK’s that are inherent to iOS and Android alike.

Xamarin Developer

Xamarin Developers

We boost your mobile application’s customer engagement, spanning all operating systems through the power of Microsoft’s Xamarin framework. The app is coded with C# to avoid the necessity of programming in multiple programming languages.


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