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Ivan Infotech’s sophisticated and trusted DAM (Digital Asset Management) solutions helps companies with their content in various ways,
to view, find, store, manage and distribute it.

Asset Development and Management

Asset Development and Management

Our team designs bespoke software for management of digital-based assets that can be aligned to various types of assets, for instance, multimedia presentations, videos, audio, images and so on. It allows you to carry out analogue-to-digital conversions for all your assets.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

If you’re looking for higher flexibility and 24/7 access to your data, no matter the web browser or device, we craft robust cross-platform mobile apps and digital asset management solutions to meet your needs.

Asset Organization and Distribution

Asset Organization and Distribution

At Ivan Infotech equip your digital asset management solutions with RBAC (role-based app controls). RBAC allows you to make sure that your assets are edited, shared, restricted and accessed solely by pre-approved employees, on the basis of their role within the company.

Enhanced Indexing

We employ key digital asset management solutions along with enhanced indexing features that are dynamic and equipped with machine learning and advanced search and filter components. These features allow you to allocate pre-established metadata fields and automated keywords.

Enhanced Indexing

Intelligent Repository & Search Function

We have specialist database engineers who create a scalable centralized archive to accommodate on-premise software or take advantage of leading database hosting providers.

Intelligent Repository & Search Function

DAM Integration Services

By integrating a versatile DAM (digital asset management) system into your current business systems, we empower you with streamlined and hassle-free digital workflows, resulting in enhanced virtual collaboration.

Dam Integration Services

Tailor-made Digital Asset Management Software

We provide bespoke digital asset management solutions such as DAM software that offer a centralized
platform for users to control all the content assets from conceptualization to release.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) Software

DRM (Digital Rights Management) Software

Keep your customer data, intellectual property, and trade secrets secure with our GDPR-based digital rights management software that can be leveraged to monitor the distribution and possession of rich media.

Version Control and Audit Trail Software

Version Control and Audit Trail Software

We leverage a robust and highly flexible digital solution to empower the generation and organization of an assets’ several versions in differing levels of quality.

Rich Media Solutions

Rich Media Solutions

Ivan Infotech’s digital asset management solutions are configured to leverage rich media, empowering you to check substantial previews of the files and custom-build presets of your own, to batch convert those assets.

CMS and Dam Software

CMS and DAM Software

Our exports incorporate CMS and content publication functionalities, for instance, marketing automation, extensive editing modules as well as social media posting, to your DAM solutions.

Tailor-made Digital Asset Management Software

Bespoke Digital Asset Management Integrations

The team at Ivan Infotech incorporates popular digital asset management solutions (DAM) inside your current business systems to allow expandability and performance. This ensures that you will be able to systematize all digital assets and content on a centralized platform.

Bespoke Digital Asset Management Integrations


Using Canto within your digital asset management solutions allows you to preview your visual-based content from a gallery-display type interface, in addition to a user-friendly dashboard for admin to implement reports.



By leveraging Bynder for your existing business solutions we equip you with a scalable template tool. This tool allows you to publish content and generate branded materials as needed.



Employing Aprimo within your current systems we help you streamline content planning and content ideation processes in an optimized and secure asset archive system.



Cloudinary brings with it AI-driven tagging asset features and we incorporate them to enable you to establish automated tagging modules through the object, colour or facial recognition.


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