People Culture

People Culture

People Culture
Monthly Birthday Celebration

Monthly Birthday celebration

At Ivan people work together as a part of a very big family. So, Ivanites like to celebrate every small occasion to make everyone feel special and bond stronger. One such occasion that is worth mentioning is the monthly birthday celebration. Once in a month, all Ivanites get together to cut a big piece of cake and wish those whose birthday falls in the said month. The event is full of fun, frolic, and exudes a strong vibe of togetherness.

Work Anniversary Celebration

Work anniversary celebration

Ivanites do not only celebrate the birthdays of their colleagues. But, at Ivan work anniversaries of employees are also celebrated with huge fervour. While celebrating the work anniversaries, we also offer these senior colleagues an opportunity of sharing their experiences with the juniors. This practice creates stronger bonds and provides impetus to employees to work harder with dedication.

Employee Recognition Program

Employee recognition program

At Ivan, every contribution of the employee is recognised. Ivan also recognises that each of their employees has a unique talent. Thus, Ivan has created unique and creative categories to recognise and reward the contribution of different employees. In addition to recognising talents, these awards inspire all employees at Ivan to strive even harder.

Team Lunch

Team lunch

Ivanites do not only laugh together but also eat together! Like a true family, the employees at Ivan often go together to team lunches. These events help them bond better and know each other tastes and preferences. Practices like these help Ivan a great family that always stands strong no matter what!

Wall of Fame

Wall of fame

On each day of our life at the workplace, so many people help us. Ivan supports this spirit of giving and offers all its employees a chance to pen a thank you note thanking all employees who supported them during the year. Events like these make the bond between Ivanites stronger and motivate them to support each other.

People Culture
Office Picnic

Office picnic

It is perhaps the best time of the year. The office picnic gives Ivanites a chance to unwind. At Ivan people work hard but party harder. This is best evidenced during the office picnic. Office picnic is a time where Ivanites literally through all work tensions out of the window and enjoy to the fullest. There are games, good food, dance, music, and whatnot!

Independence Day Cultural Program

Independence day cultural program

At Ivan, we celebrate Independence Day with special cultural events to mark the occasion. The events are designed to fill the day with fun and frolic and reenergize all the employees. It also increases the bond amongst the employee and instigates the feeling of patriotism in them.

Meditation Session/ Pranic Healing Session

Meditation session/ Pranic healing session

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