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Areas to Integrate Document Management Solutions

The new way of creating, storing, editing and distributing documents in a secure way through an electronic custom
document management system is revolutionizing the approach of publishing houses, healthcare facilities, HR departments and Law firms.

IT Software

Ivan is offering a custom document management system to facilitate cloud-based access from multiple points, interoperability, workflow automation, version control, in-built security to incorporate all standards and practices.

Personal Records

Benefit from personal record software of our custom document management system through mobile and cloud implementation and get better portability with Electronic Records, public health, collaborative care, Information Exchange, clinical trial, payer and insurer systems. Integrate the personal record system and ensure secure transmission and sharing of data.

Practice Management Systems

Ivan’s professional developers come up with the most advanced Practice Management System that encompasses features such as appointment setting, resource scheduling, client registration, data extraction and custom reporting.

Electronic Records

We introduce an effective electronic records management software incorporating the features like appointment setting and scheduling, managing demographic information, evaluation management, client portal management, voice recognition and handwriting, current procedural terminology codes and many more.

Search Engine Tag

With our tag optimization techniques, we research out visibility keywords search engines and use those in our virtual document management solutions to build the ideal tags for your website's content.

Customised Document Management Software

Based on pre-specified parameters, you can automate specific sales and marketing tasks. In our custom document management system development, we use automation technology that hunts for prospects who meet the rule criteria on a constant basis.


We encourage electronic signatures, which give an extra degree of protection to the document management system. To build a custom document management system, we provide both stylus and mouse input, scanning of ink signatures, and hand-signature software for biometric among other services.

Open APIs for 3rd Party Integration

As a result of our APIs, you can integrate third-party software into your online apps or website, allowing you to streamline your business processes.

Tailor-made Document Management Software Development

Ivan’s proficient software developers implement custom document management systems for enterprise systems and SMB.
Leverage our top-notch integration solution to modify your existing software and enjoy a customized experience.

Email Plugins for External Sharing

Among other things, we develop email plugins to assist you with effective SEO, email security from spam, and more. Generate leads, categorise the contacts, and nurture potential clients by using email plugins.

Logging & Tracing for Audit

For internal or external regulatory audits, our systems are developed to automate and expedite operations. Record the time, date, and user of all document edits.

Role-Based User Access

Restrict network access on the basis of the responsibilities of users inside a business using role-based access control (RBAC) technology. The RBAC solutions limit employees' access permissions so that they can only access the information needed to perform their tasks.

Multi-Stage Authentication for Security

Authenticate a user's identity for a login or other transaction, use our multi-stage authentication systems with several types of verification from different categories of credentials.

Compliance to Regulatory Standards

The ultimate way of managing data in the most secure and convenient way.

End to End Encrypted Cloud Storage

No matter where you're located, you'll always have access to your documents with our virtual document management solutions. To categorise documents, we create user-friendly indexing tools, which we then enrich with appropriate metadata. We also use machine learning tools to automate the DMS. As part of our services, we develop data mapping, and predictive coding and mining software to parse your documents and provide valuable insights from them.

Information Governance Solutions

In all of our virtual document management solutions, we place a high priority on traceability and data integrity. Role-Based Access Controls, permission protocols, strict authentication, and fine encryptions of coded data are all skills that our IT security specialists have. The DMS content repository as a whole can be kept secure using our services.

Collaboration and Workflow Automation

The user experiences and user interfaces (UI/UX) that we incorporate in our bespoke virtual document management solutions allow employees to collaborate seamlessly. E-signatures, adding comments, emailing documents to third parties, and extra assets are all available as built-in functions. You may automate the delivery of papers to each appropriate party with the help of our unique workflow management software.

Document Scanning and Index Software Integration

Our custom document management system makes conversion of typed documents, forms, written notes, and other items into various digital formats, including DOCX and DOC, ODT, PDF, HTML, TXT, and EPUB, PPT etc amongst others. In order to accomplish this, we develop the software used for intelligent character recognition (ICR), optical character recognition (OCR), and optical mark recognition (OMR). Also, these gadgets are often equipped with barcode recognition technology.

API's of Document Management System

Our custom document management system includes several applications used for Content Management (CMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Human Resources. Aside from SharePoint, Box, and PandaDoc, our developers can also customise and implement open-source document management platforms (DMS).

Electronic File Cabinet Solutions

Through version control and a digital file solution, we keep detailed records of the documentation process. RMS automatically updates an audit trail of documents with personnel information and timestamps. Utilizing internal tracking technologies to encourage accountability within firms is one of the many benefits provided by our virtual document management solutions. With document management services, we'll also assist you in compliance with data retention requirements, regulatory standards, and e-Discovery requests.


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