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Enterprise Franchise Management Software Systems

A comprehensive and all-in-one solution for a franchise management system is necessary to ensure the smooth running of organization-wide operations. Our Franchise Management software solutions are perfected for your requirements, so whether you are a start-up business or a big name, we provide customized solutions best suited for your requirements. With full visibility, control and reporting options for franchisors and franchisees, you get to expand and manage your business with our enhanced franchise management system.

Franchise Intranet Programming

To facilitate secure and clear communication through an organization-wide approach we use Franchise-wide intranets. We not only integrate our enterprise franchise management software with Document Management Systems to your platform but also develop tickers, modules, training applications and more to ensure collaboration across all forums in your business with a central system acting as the basis of knowledge. You can check onboarding time, assigned tasks and track the performance of employees through a single centralized all-in-one solution.

Franchise CRM Software

Our customized CRM platforms help your increase your customer engagement and harness data available in the centralized system to check and oversee marketing, lead conversions and even more to boost your business. From setting up and optimizing consumer engagement channels, to integrating event schedules, the addition of report tools, automated loyalty systems for consumers, profiles and databases, we do it all.

Enterprise Franchise Management System

With our POS system, you not only get to check consumer metrics but also identify consumer patterns, spending patterns and the efficiency of the marketing strategies you implement. For maintaining multiple channels and websites to ensure omnichannel visibility we have customized Content Management Systems.

Franchise Territory Mapping Software

Our experts use BI-powered software for territory mapping which enables the plotting of new sites and optimize channels to reach consumers. With next-gen technologies like GIS mapping and the use of Census data, you can now analyze spots, examine competition, leverage on your chosen demographics, social media and more to have an overall view of the opportunities and threats that lie ahead of you.

Royalties Franchise Management System

Our franchise management system along with BI engines and POS data offer seamless cost calculation, inclusion of royalty fee, third party financing costs and more. Besides this, you get centralized access to accounting ledgers which accounts for all locations, with customized modules integrated into your platform for payroll, automated generation of invoice, ACH payments and more. You also get DMS at Ivan which enables you to have complete visibility and control on maintenance and construction data, besides checking for licenses.

Franchise ERP Systems

We can integrate both open-source or customized ERP solutions with the addition of multiple functionalities that enable you to easily access all logistic records, oversee supply chain management and implement our enhanced human resource management solutions. We also offer Order Management Systems that provide economic order quantity reports, automation of restocking capability and real-time tracking of resources. Our integrated franchise management software solution includes third party software like NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE and Oracle.


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