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Gain Dedicated and Specialized Application Developers

At Ivan Infotech we have application developers with domain-specific technology expertise and considerable years of hardcore experience. Our application developers offer flexible, scalable, and interoperable mobile and web apps for a broad array of industry sectors.

Gain Dedicated and Specialized Application Developers
Development of Cross-platform Apps

Development of Cross-Platform Apps

Ivan Infotech creates hybrid and cross-platform apps to help companies leverage several platforms by means of a single code base on Android, iOS as well as Windows platforms. Our versatile cross-platform mobile apps are created with the help of robust frameworks, such as Xamarin, PhoneGap, Flutter, Appcelerator, React Native and others.

App Development for Android Platform

App Development for Android Platform

Our experts build mobile and web apps spanning a range of Android devices by taking advantage of popular app development tools for Android, for instance, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and Android Studio.

App Development for IOS Platform

App Development for iOS Platform

Our specialists develop mobile and web apps spanning a range of iOS devices by leveraging top app development tools like CodeRunner, AppCode, XCode, RxSwift, Applyzer, Marvel, CocoaPods, Alcatraz, Mockingbird and many others.

App Development for Windows Platform

App Development for Windows Platform

Our team delivers application development services for the Window platform, which involve crafting exceptionally impressive user experience with the help of .NET frameworks alongside Microsoft Visual Studio.

Application Development


We build applications created with a responsive range of features, custom-built to align with your business. Armed with flexible, scalable and interoperable apps, it allows businesses in all industries to function efficiently and seamlessly.

API Integrations


Our experts exploit robust data sharing functions by incorporating 3rd-party APIs for your existing business apps. We also build tailored APIs, configured to expand your current app’s range of functionalities and boost its performance.

UI/UX Design and Development

UI/UX Design
and Development

Our experts offer superior customer experiences spanning a range of internet channels and digital devices. Designers in our UX/UI team take advantage of the latest UX/UI architectures, technologies together with best development practices. This allows them to infuse your app with added features and functionalities.

Compliance and Security

and Security

We provide application development services that are compliant with all regulations of data security, such as, HIPAA compliance, GRC compliance, FISMA compliance, PCI compliance, NDA compliance, Financial Services compliance and so on. We make sure to accommodate all compliance and security requirements of every project we take on.

Application Development

Application Development

From ideating, designing and developing our developers create versatile applications equipped to provide ultra-high-performance, interoperability and agility. We also deliver IoT solutions, modernization of legacy apps, microservices architecture, virtual app migration, and so on.

Data Consolidation and Migration

Data Consolidation and Migration

We have expertise in legacy data migration, and database migration services, consolidating all-important business data from several sources into one secure, accessible platform. You get a centralized system to access your real-time data and maintain its integrity while getting rid of unnecessary elements.

Bespoke Application Development Services

Expert application developers at Ivan Infotech build, incorporate and configure bespoke applications for corporate and consumer-facing settings for a range of web & mobile devices, coded in programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, C# and more.

Enterprise Application Solutions

Enterprise Application Solutions

Taking care of every phase of the complete enterprise app development lifecycle, our experts develop apps that deliver comprehensive viewing and an immersive experience for users. This empowers businesses to manage their SCM, CRM, and ERP business goals seamlessly.

Company Grade

Company grade

Our developers link the various departments of your company by configuring a central network on a company-grade enterprise application. This application is meant for users to gain access to crucial company resources such as documents, files, databases and more.

Department Grade

Department grade

As part of our application development services, developers at Ivan craft department-grade enterprise applications that have built-in modules to facilitate communications, internal workflows, sales, accounting, marketing and more tailored to particular departments within a company.

Employee Grade

Employee grade

Our developers build reliable, feature-rich and robust employee-grade enterprise applications to provide considerable assistance to employees to allocate and track tasks, projects, employees, statuses and a lot of other functions.

Bespoke Application Development Services
Client/customer-facing Application Development

Client/Customer-Facing Application Development

Ivan’s development best practices lead to highly scalable, immersive, and innovative client/customer-facing apps that bring in a higher level of adaptability and interoperability than most ready-made apps currently available. Our application development services deliverrobust app solutions for clients to boost business growth and ensure that your ROI is maximized.

Bespoke Mobile Application Development

Bespoke Mobile Application Development

We develop tailored mobile applications used by B2C and B2B businesses to generate fresh revenue streams and help them gain a competitive edge. We can do both, build a custom application from scratch or revamp your current application with relevant integrations and modifications, to boost flexibility, functionality as well as scalability.

SAAS Web App Development

SaaS Web
App Development

For businesses that need mobile and/or web online access minus any hardware elements, our application development services offer SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) web apps. Adding relevant integrations with 3rd-party provider solutions, we build a powerful application completely aligned to the needs of your business.

IAAS Web App Development

IaaS Web App Development

Our IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) web apps offer superior scalability and flexibility for enterprises of varied sizes in several industry sectors. Providing rich-performance functionalities allows you to gain access to your data storage centres, network equipment and servers whenever you need it.

PAAS Web App Development

PaaS Web App Development

Our experts build PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) web apps, so as to give you an ecosystem to host, test, deploy and maintain apps all through the development cycle. It also allows several users to control one account using a multitenant system along with scalability that is inbuilt and facilitates the balancing of data loads.

Daas Web App Development

DaaS Web App Development

We build DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) web applications to offer the same distinctiveness that back-end services offer. This is offered through app software infused with added customization, migration capabilities and usability. Small enterprises that have fewer resources mostly go for this option.


Ivan’s application developers, engineers and programmers have been providing application development services for many years now, and thus have a thorough know-how of all-important frameworks, programming languages, development tools and databases.

Programming Languages

Our team takes advantage of all the top programming languages, such as Ruby on Rails, Java, Javascript, and Python to build web or mobile app solutions customized to your business.

Programming Language Programming Language Programming Language Programming Language


Our experts leverage popular frameworks that lead to accelerated application development as well as superior UX/UI design, thus making your custom-tailored app using Node.js, Python, Django and Angular.

Frameworks Frameworks Frameworks Frameworks


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