Gain Seasoned Experts in Data Migration

At Ivan Infotech we have experienced data migration services experts to migrate your business’s server and database, inclusive of agent jobs, user accounts as well as SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service) platforms in one go without too much downtime.

Services for Software Migration Services

Our experts leverage risk-averse and meticulous migration techniques in terms of automated and manual data cleansing, extraction, testing, implementation, loading and verification.

Services for Website Migration

We possess tremendous know-how in website migration to and from several web hosting platforms such as SquareSpace, WordPress, Wix and GoDaddy, Bluehost and HostGator.

Services for Cloud Migration

We carry out secure server-to-cloud (on-premise) as well as cloud-to-cloud data migration services with the help of Oracle, Alibaba, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure and more.

Services for Database Migration

We facilitate database migration service of several business logic schemas and data types, with the help of robust protocols for version control and ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) best practices.

Services for Server Migration

Our experts execute server migration software for IIS (Internet Information Services), MoM, BizTalk Server, RPC, Apache Web Server, ORB, PHP, .NET & Java frameworks and more.

Services for Enterprise Platform Migration

We infuse legacy enterprise solutions with quick and secure upgrades by migrating all business logic and data to advanced CMS, ERP, CRM and so on.

Services for Application Migration

We possess thorough know-how regarding various adoption patterns, platforms and processes to empower your business to flexibly organize its recently migrated cloud apps.

Services for Storage Migration

Our team carries out storage migration within our data migration services, to bring in scalability, cost-effectiveness and faster performance. This is made possible as users are able to get data access, minus the need to change links or paths.

Bringing Automation to Database Migrations

Experts at Ivan Infotech offer your data more scalability as they develop data migration solutions that are automated and capable of mapping, processing and analyzing limitless fields within the database we create for you. For database migration services and data migration services you can depend on us.

Automated Database Migration

With the help of tools for schema migration, we bring in automation during migrations of application data and do a reversal of the suitable schema change sequence, till the point where the desired result is reached.

Automated Schema Migration

We build migration systems with automation which see to the migration of business logic schemas as well as carry out upgrades swiftly within legacy enterprise solutions.

Scalability of XML Structure

Our data migration services automation tool identifies XML components and these get ascribed to generate mapping documents seamlessly & reliably.

Configurable and Reusable Data

We ensure that you gain a fully configurable and reusable framework that allows you to modify your data structures or data even once the data has been migrated.

Ivan’s Experts Bring you Remote DBA Support

From moving to the cloud, migrating to a new platform or upgrading your existing systems,
Ivan can expand your in-house IT team and make sure the task is done affordably and fast.

Modernization of Legacy Systems

Our team upgrades your outmoded business systems to offer lowered costs and higher efficiency despite not upsetting business processes and workflows.

Assessment of Business Value

Our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of the software, meticulously checking your legacy architecture and code to map out modernization tactics that suit your business needs fully.

Re-Engineering of Applications

Our team brings rejuvenation to your current code, remodelling your solutions to expand performance, functionality and scalability despite not impacting the business logic.

On-Premise to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

We facilitate the migration of data and applications from your current on-premise systems to PaaS, SaaS or IaaS cloud models despite not causing data loss or downtime

Data Discovery
and Analytics

Our experts integrate forecasting, data mining, machine learning, predictive simulations and data science to provide software configured to resolve challenges within your business and propel growth.

QA Testing and Data Standardization

Our team offers QA (quality assurance) testing, data cleansing, data standardization, and de-duplication services to make sure that your data is streamlined for consistency and preciseness.

Services for Data Replication

We take advantage of industry best practices and top tools to carry out data replication continuously, for heterogeneous as well as homogenous data for database engines that are supported.

Data Backup & Recovery

Ivan’s experts provide powerful data recovery and backup capacities, making sure that reliable, robust and meticulously maintained protection tools safeguard your data from corruption or loss.

We leverage top On-Premise, Open-Source and
Cloud-Driven Data Migration Tools

Ivan’s experts in data migration services and database migration services have multi-domain experience in implementing business software
by means of established, digitally collected data tools, methodologies and practices.

Data Migration Tools:

Our team harnesses data migration tools for on-premise solutions such as AWS, IBM, Oracle and SQL to smoothly facilitate the migration of your schema, objects and data from various sources and taken at scale to the cloud.

Data Migration Tools:

We leverage adaptable data migration tools for cloud-based software such as Snaplogic, Alooma, Fivetran and Matillion to shift data that is within an application or on-premise store to the cloud.

Data Migration Tools:

Our team facilitates the migration of your data with the help of top-rated data migration tools for open-source software such as, CloverETL, Apache NiFi, Talend Open Studio and Pentaho that bring you a higher level of flexibility and swifter performance.


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