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Software Deployment and Implementation Services


Affordable Option to Augment Your IT Team with Software Developers

Proficient developers with years of experience, passion and skills are here at Ivan Infotech to help you augment with IT team. Our experts can not only develop solutions but under custom software implementation services help implement the same in a phased manner.

Continuous Deployment


Before any code is integrated or delivered for the custom software deployment service we offer, our software deployment professionals follow an efficient continuous delivery procedure that prioritises rigorous, automated testing. By having an organised central code repository with version control and rollback, we are able to catch code issues and deploy iterations.

Phased Implementation Solutions

Implementation Solutions

In order to protect data integrity, our developers offer staggered installation and custom software implementation services. Assessing the readiness and compatibility of your network, we build a phased deployment plan with you. If you require help configuring your network's architecture, our software developers will be happy to do so.

Compatibility and Configuration Solutions

Compatibility and
Configuration Solutions

To help you achieve your goals, we offer a variety of custom software deployment services. These include recording and controlling changes in applications before and In order to ensure that new software and features are not incompatible with prior editions, we offer database compatibility.

Easy and Cost-Effective Implementation and Deployment

Launching an application can be a nightmare without a well-thought-out plan for unique deployment and execution. Under custom software implementation services, our team of professionals can help implement the based solutions in a phased manner.

Easy And Cost-effective Implementation and Deployment
Deployment Planning Services

Deployment Planning Services

With structured engagements, we offer the best tools for the precise planning of custom software deployment services for on-premises and hybrid systems. Because of this, the deployment process is more secure, and costs will be closely managed. We take the time to ensure that there is no system downtime and that your business procedures are improved.

Custom Software Deployment Services

Custom Software Deployment Services

In order to assure the most economic application delivery process to end-users, we provide agile deployment and implementation services utilising established schemas and methodologies. It's important that we follow best practices when it comes to configuration, deployment (testing), troubleshooting and system integration.

Post-deployment Services

Post-Deployment Services

An application, or an integration testing procedure that our software engineers follow can assist your solution to perform as it was intended. It is the goal of our custom software implementation service to discover appropriate implementations for end-users, monitor their post-deployment behaviour to assure success, and create reports on user metrics that have an impact on the ROI.

Third-party Implementation and Deployment Services

Grab our custom software implementation services and custom software deployment services for third-party software from vendors like Epicor, Sage, Oracle, SAP, NetSuite and Cognos.



In order to manage your business resources, we integrate EPICOR on a When you work with us, we'll make sure that your organisation has the ability to streamline risks and conform to both external.



SAGE implementation projects have been performed by hundreds of our developers. In addition, we offer a custom implementation that is tailored to your company's demands and needs.



In order to help organisations link office apps, we offer a completely optimised and automated platform with unique Oracle Netsuite connectors



Since our company is an SAP Certified Partner, we can guarantee a smooth software deployment process that involves business strategy, discovery and As a result of our SAP Integration experts creating a single point of entry to your SAP platform, we reduce the amount of data.



Our containerized applications are deployed and scaled using Kubernetes. A set of Linux container systems is successfully managed in a clustered fashion. As a result, traffic is automatically distributed between them.



When it comes to integrating Cognos into your organisation, we're experts at it. When it comes to performance management, Ivan Infotech specialises in IBM Cognos installation, which gives key decision-makers in an organisation in-depth information into.


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