A UX design service provider's guide to the user and customer experience

A UX design service provider's guide to the user and customer experience

By Admin 3 years ago

People often want to know whether the user and customer experience are the same. The simple answer is both yes and no. Let us explain why from the point of view of a UX design service provider.

User experience refers to all possible interactions of the customer with the company. Thus, the original definition captured in totality the customer’s interaction with a company. But, it was coined in an era wherein computers were the major source of interaction. So, over time, the outlook of the term user experience has got narrow.  So, not the user, but customer experience is now used to define the total interactions.

Moreover, it is important to understand that there are many levels of experience. Giving importance to each level can help you in delivering a good user experience. From the design point of view, you should thus hire a UX/UI design services provider who can address all levels.

The different levels

We can consider the interaction between the user and the company at three levels. These are-

Single interaction level– The user’s experience while performing a single task with a single device.

Journey level– captures the experience of a user as he or she tries to achieve a goal through many channels.

Relationship level– Refers to all interactions of customers with the company throughout their lifetime.

Things that a UX design service provider can do to deliver a good experience can vary according to level. This is further illustrated below-

Interaction level

The focus of the UX/UI design service providers is often on the interaction level experience. As defined, it refers to the single interaction between the customer and the user for a task. The task of most UX design service providers is to focus on this level. Thus, they design the interface of the website keeping in mind single interaction.  But, interactions between the customer and the company can go beyond digital channels. For example, a user can interact with the company over the phone, through physical shops, etc.

Each interaction can give an experience. The sum of all interactions can illustrate the relationship between customer and company.

Journey level

The next hierarchical level is the journey level. The journey level is the end-to-end process that a customer goes through for the completion of a goal. The process may involve many channels and devices. There can be one interaction if it is possible to complete the goal with a single task.

But, most journeys encompass the accomplishment of a series of related tasks. Completion of all the tasks can help achieve the goal. UX design service providers have to focus on this level to get the big picture.

Relationship level

The final destination in the hierarchy is the relationship level. At this level, the focus is on the user’s lifetime experience with a company. Here the focus of UX/UI design service providers is not on single interactions. Rather the provider will have focus at the holistic level.

Whether you use “UX” or “CX” is not important. Rather, you should know the interpretations of the terms. It is also important to understand the different scopes. This will help you offer superlative experience at each level. Leading UX/UI design service providers can help you in this regard.

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