• Key Features of Educational Transport Software Solutions

    For the sake of child safety, transport management software is fast becoming in-demand among schools and colleges thanks to the range of benefits it affords all parties involved. You need to focus your energies on your child’s academic excellence while education technology solutions take care of all the administrative tasks in school bus management. Let’s look at a few major reasons to consider adopting transport management solutions.

    GPS Technology for tracking

    Whether it’s for tracking students or turn-by-turn driver tracking, engine diagnostics, and so on, you get real-time data from this hardware-integrated system. GPS technology gives school authorities the capacity to hike up student safety as well as optimized transportation. What’s more, it also ensures that parents and students are spared from waiting for the school bus indefinitely. They would easily be able to track the bus’s movements and arrive promptly to board it. 

    Builds Trust and Confidence for Parents

    When it comes to higher education technology solutions for transport management you get the benefit of school buses fitted out with GPS trackers. Thanks to this, parents have a real-time view of precisely where the school bus is at any given time.

    Parents get peace of mind as their integrated mobile apps let them know when they can expect the bus to arrive and also when their child scans on or off the bus. This also reduces the volume of follow-up calls made to school administrators and staff.

    Planning driver schedules

    A transport management system gives schools the means of keeping records of their driver’s profiles, schedules and licenses. Parents benefit from enhanced transparency with this information, knowing the details of the driver taking their child to school. Additionally this feature allows school administrators to easily shuffle around driver schedules to accommodate any changes required.

    Managing bus routes

    Routing, mapping, and boundary planning are the main aspects of school transportation. These tasks are made efficient thanks to education technology solutions for school transportation. Often bus routes change to make way for shifts in demand. Each new school year brings in new students who need to use the school bus facilities and this very often entails an alteration in the previous bus routes. Educational transport solutions are equipped to allocate buses for different routes, making sure that the number of busses available is able to smoothly accommodate all the students who need the transport facilities.

    Sends alerts and notifications

    Instant notifications are shared to parents when their child boards their school bus and is dropped off at the school. Similarly notifications are sent when the child gets on the bus after school and is dropped off at the designated bus stop. Important details for instance, breakdowns, traffic status, deviation from regular routes, unscheduled bus stops or unanticipated situations are immediately sent as app alerts to the parents. This feature serves to considerably reduce the stress that parents and school admins face.

    It’s clear that transport management solutions provide an extensive suite of features to ensure the safety of students and optimizing the management of the school transportation fleet. It’s no wonder then that several schools opt for education technology solutions to maintain and monitor their transport services efficiently. 



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