• Custom Software Development – Why Should You Outsource It

    Evolving technologies are continuously adding wings to eCommerce and software associated with it. Therefore, the businesses which are investing in the emerging technologies are eager to get custom software development team for their in-house requirements. Howev ...

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  • How AI Is Deciding Healthcare Future?

    Artificial intelligence creates a buzz across many industries, but its impact on the healthcare industry is undeniable. The ability to mimic the cognitive functions made AI relevant for the healthcare industry. This technology is revolutionizing healthcare sect ...

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  • Key Differences between iOS and Android App Development

    The generation is obsessed with mobile apps. And the ‘generation’ doesn’t signify people of a certain age group. This is the ‘smart’ generation with smartphones. In 2017, 197 billion apps were downloaded including android and iOS apps.

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  • Practising Prototyping – Best Practice for Mobile App Development

    Prototyping mobile apps are a crucial part of mobile app development. The market is already saturated and to stand out of the crowd and increase product success, enterprises are opting for mobile app prototyping. It ensures the best mobile app design with high ...

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  • Top Trends in Android Apps That Will Change the World

    Statistics of 2018 show that 52.2% of worldwide traffic had been generated through smartphones especially through the applications. This one year hasn’t changed the trend, but added more wings to the android apps with AR, IoT, VR and many more. Approximately, ...

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