Cloud - The Deciding Factor of the Future of Education Industry

Cloud - The Deciding Factor of the Future of Education Industry

By Admin 4 years ago

The cloud is the future of technology. AccOf course Marketing Research, a compound annual growth rate of 26 per cent in education is set for the global cloud computing market, as K-12 schools, colleges, and universities are trying to increase productivity and improve their overall learning experience, according to Technavio marketing research. Education technology leaders find that their districts use cloud-based software in order to save time and money, as corroborated by a recent survey by EdWeek. Let’s see some of the best ways cloud education improves.

Cloud computing means a computer setup that can be shared anywhere, regardless of where the users are located. It is possible to bring teachers and learners together in one unified platform via the implementation of cloud computing. Schools, colleges and universities, for example, do not buy, operate and manage their operate servers or data centres.

Based on Your Needs

Earlier, the management of data centre storage was complex due to fluctuations in student registration. In the cloud, universities and colleges have the power to select the required bandwidth. The cloud is flexible, thus extending and reducing the demands of your campus. Operational agility is, therefore, one of the main drivers for campuses to move into the cloud.


Cloud computing can reduce overall ownership costs by eliminating the cost of properties, running and maintenance of data centres. The pay-as-you-go models based on your subscription make the first move into the first cloud campus simpler than ever.

Faster Deployment

It will never be easier to introduce software and services! It took weeks to months for servers to be ordered, operating systems mounted and introduced and synchronized with monitoring systems. Now, in a couple of steps, you can deliver servers easily and deploy cloud applications. Therefore, productivity is a null compromise.

Better Security 

Data is your campus’ most important and sensitive asset. This could cost your company millions if this asset was lost to cyber threats, ransomware, phishing or malware threats. You are still managed by it because you have protected your campus cloud data. It can be remotely wiped and accessed and monitored.

Better Infrastructure 

Bid adieu to costly, high-end IT infrastructures and conventional servers by cloud-first strategies. You no longer have to worry about the breakdown of machines, problems of scalability, cybersecurity and recovery from disasters. All these tasks for your campus are automated in the cloud.

Auto Backup Program

Most cloud models have automated backup functions, so you can access your data almost in real-time on a hot backup site. It may be expensive to execute a robust disaster recovery strategy; the cloud will help your campus break the cycle. Cloud backup and logging services also facilitate the testing of failures during emergencies.

Auto Updates 

You and your team are free to focus on the academic performance of your campus through automatic software and security updates on your cloud. Whenever an intervention is needed or a potential failure is needed, the integrated control system tells you.

Advantage for Competition

In terms of efficiency, service, student engagement, accessibility, E-Learning platforms and security the cloud also gives you a competitive advantage compared to other campuses. The students of today demand the delivery and access of campus infrastructure and facilities in real-time and all institutions that have not yet embraced the cloud strategy have a long term risk to lose.

Less Carbon Footprint 

Although all of these factors point to the benefits of the cloud, by rising the carbon footprint you can also make a little contribution to nature. You are on your way to sustainable energy and technology utilization which does not harm overburdened natural resource resources when you do not rely on massive data centres to handle scalability.

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