Custom Software Solutions for Travel & hospitality Industry

Custom Software Solutions for Travel & hospitality Industry

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Want to provide an unmatched experience to your guests? If so, it is only possible with the help of custom software solutions used in the hospitality sector. If you check the recent statistics, the travel and tourism business is evolving very fast in recent days. Your customers cannot get that “unforgettable” feeling with just a traditional approach. Besides, the review portals and social media platforms are helping the customers to share their opinions about any destination or any restaurant. 

So, to establish a long-term relationship with your guest, every hospitality sector has to provide customer-oriented service. This can be achieved with help of technology by using Software of travel and hospitality niche. However, before you get into details with travel and hospitality software, let first start to know what these applications truly are.

Global Market Statistics on Travel and Hospitality Industry

Global Market Statistics on Travel and Hospitality Industry

From the picture it is shown that a research conducted in 2018 where the total number of software users ( in millions) in China was 160.99 followed by the total number of users in the U.S ( 103.98) and Germany ranked third with the user estimate of 28 millions. Hence, it is clear that the use of travel and hospitality software has increased as more and more people are relying on software for hotel reservations, booking updates, searching for hotels, available rooms and lots more. Travel and hospitality software development companies are more focused to deliver bespoke and customer-oriented applications depending upon the clients’ business goals and target audience. 

Travel and hospitality software development Market Growth

In this picture, you can see that the market size for Travel and Hospitality Software has increased from 2017 with a good scale and the growth and the fluctuation is always positive due to the ever increasing demand of these applications for better functionality and operations.

The global hotel and hospitality management application market is expected to see a growth by USD 1.5 billion at the CAGR about 5% from now till the year 2024. When you are talking about the online travel booking platforms, the market size globally amounted to roughly 518 billion U.S dollars in the year 2020 and expected to reach 986 billion in the year 2027. 

The Different Sectors Where Travel and Hospitality Applications Are Used

  • F&B Restaurant and Bar Management
  • TravelPort
  • Casino Management
  • Campgrounds, recreation and parks
  • Property Management Systems
  • Amusement Parks and Attractions
  • Vacation rentals and timeshares
  • Sabre solutions
  • Travel portals and booking engines

Features To Look For When Developing Travel And Hospitality Management Software

While you are looking for IT Solutions for Travel and Hospitality sector, there are some of the features that you need to check-

  • Hot deals
  • Travel guides
  • Geofencing
  • Push notifications
  • Social media integration
  • Communication platforms
  • Digital companion at the time of emergencies
  • API integration
  • Reviews and recommendations
  • Interactive scheduling

Benefits Of Using Custom Software Solutions In Hotel And Hospitality Sectors

Benefits Of Using Custom Software Solutions In Hotel And Hospitality Sectors

Have you ever thought how these applications will help the hotel and hospitality sector? How these software solutions will bring a change or how they are different from the traditional approach of marketing? Are these travel and hospitality software solutions really good? Do they really play an important role in converting users to potential leads? If you are not aware of these answers, here are some of the points you need to look into-

  • Software of travel and hospitality supports unique processes by helping the travel companies to adopt industry standard practices.
  • Custom applications help you in building custom branded solutions for maintaining a brand identity while meeting the requirements of clients
  • Existing solutions can work in collaboration with these custom solutions to help in reducing cost
  • These applications can be integrated with legal systems
  • They help in improving existing business processes and grow new business opportunities
  • They allow the travel agencies to stay updated with industry standard protocols
  • These solutions come with advanced capabilities that can help in expanding a business to more international customers.

Why There Is A Need For Travel And Hospitality Software

The primary goal behind implementing travel and hospitality software in the market is to provide an unmatched service to the guests for achieving 4s- Safety, Security, Service and Sustainability. 

  1. Safety- security and travelling goes hand in hand. So, while a traveller has started a journey, security comes as the first priority. Issues like insecure customer details and improper management will result in poor branding. So, hospitality software development is a must to ensure that every process is going on smoothly and in utmost safety. 
  2. Security- Any business can face issues if they do not have any security factors. Hence, when using the travel and hospitality software ensures that the traveller is getting utmost security. 
  3. Service– as a hotel and hospitality business owner, you need to provide extraordinary service to the clients so that they become your loyal customers for lifetime. You need to understand the behaviour of clients, how they are using the apps and what they are searching for. 
  4. Sustainability– it has become one of the important factors for travellers for choosing the right service at the right time. The hotel or hospitality business should display the features on online portals to attract more users.

Ivan Infotech’s Hotel and Hospitality Software for a Better Management

In the competitive era of online travel and hospitality software, you cannot be on top of the race with just use of a traditional approach. Additionally, you need to digitalise the business with the help of custom software solutions.

 Ivan Infotech is a full service app development company with 6 years of experience working with hundreds of clients delivering the best solutions they are looking for. Whether you want to look for applications to help streamline the operations or want to handle reservations, accounting and inventory management, you can go for the team from Ivan for highly effective software solutions. 

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