Cyber Security Issues Every Organization Faces

Cyber Security Issues Every Organization Faces

By Admin 12 months ago

You do not have to look far to locate a major data breaching news currently. It seems that cyber security is the term waiting for any incident to happen and just open the news channel or online news portal; you will find the news of any malicious attack that is damaging the information of users in organizations and corporations.

But, do you know that these cyber attacks do not attack the corporate bottom lines? If you notice that, The Colonial Pipeline breach in the year 2021 resulted in high gasoline prices, panic buying, and also several local shortages after the company’s pipelines were shut down by the hackers.

Despite such disastrous results, some organizations are struggling to treat cyber security like a business coming to an end, with bottom-line financial threats. The companies that do not want to end up still find it hard to keep up with the speed and intensity of cybercrime.

So, what is keeping the information security pros and business leaders awake during the night? To have a better picture of these threats in the cyber landscape, we have asked the professionals in cyber security to share the most common cyber security issues they are witnessing. Hence, these companies also take the help of agencies that are dealing with cyber security consulting services to help agencies in better cyber security platforms.

The Top Cyber Security Issues That Organisations Face – 

The cyber security issues will range from things as simple as out-of-date software malfunctioning to large-scale issues like the lack of support from leadership teams. Here are some of the most common issues that organisations go through-

  • Recognising That You Are The Target

Small organizations do not always realise that assets and data are attractive to cybercriminals. In the current day, modern economy, most of the companies have things that attackers want- like information and money.

A basic grasp of cyber security best practices will be a huge step in the perfect direction for several companies. It means that you are constantly aware that you are the target. The major breaches happen due to human error, thinking that attackers will come after the company is the first one who can develop the defense.

  • Failure Informing Employees Of Threats

Most of the professionals say that the weakest link in any cyber security program is often the employees. As per Steve Tcherchian, CISCO and chief product officer at XYPRO, no matter how much money you are spending on antivirus, intrusion of virus detection, using the next-gen filters and other technologies, but all these become useless if you do not focus on educating the staff first.

Organizations should consider the employees as the first factor of defense when it comes to basic threats like malware and data breaches.

  • Data Breaches Due To Remote Working

With more people who are working from home and other locations not located within the office, there is a high chance of breach from hackers. The technology in place does not have the similar security measures and control offered by enterprise-level security.

If you see an example, there are several mega breaches currently that are attributed to this, where the contractor or vendor’s VPN credentials will be compromised and the hacker will have access to everything the contractor did. The MFA or multifactor authentication and Two-Factor Authentication are some simple ways to add protective barriers from hacking and data breaching.

  • Ransomware Attack

The ransomware is the type of malware that encrypts files on the device, making them quite difficult to access or not suitable for usage. Once the files are corrupted, the attackers then will demand a ransom in exchange for decryption. At times, the attackers will then threaten to expose the information to ransom, which is demanded in cryptocurrency.

Ransomware will have a significant threat that most of the organisations need to be aware of, with the attack now happening within 11 seconds. The credentials will also get compromised or employees sharing and misusing credentials is another important threat that the companies need to be lookout for.

  • Missing Out Security Patches

Out of the 100-plus vulnerable assessments that the companies have run for different companies, there are always somewhat security patches from the equipment, typically the user workstations and laptops. It might seem like a minor issue, but it is not. The security patches are published to find out the potential vulnerabilities with the help of Cyber security managed services.

  • Lack Of Corporate Security Program

One surprisingly prevalent issue that most companies face when it comes to security is the lack of a formal corporate security system. It is very important to have a proactive cyber security program for companies to deal with data breaches and phishing.

It is becoming much more imperative that the board will be an experienced IT or cyber security issue for translating the IT language in the business and vice versa.

  • Bringing Your Device Or The BYOD Threats

Again, the issues caused by COVID-19 have intensified the security issues in the BYOD threats. These policies are very popular among many companies. The BYOD technique allows employees to use their machines for work in an office or also work remotely to make things much easier.

What Is The Need To Stop Cyber Security Services?

Very little can be managed, with a short-term data protection system in an organisation, it is very important to have a strong cyber security platform for protecting against data phishing. Consult with a trusted company like Ivan Infotech that offers professional cyber security consulting services.

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