Elevate Your Real Estate Business with Virtual Staging Platforms

Elevate Your Real Estate Business with Virtual Staging Platforms

By Admin 2 years ago

An increasing number of home buyers looked for the home they bought online. So it’s clear that even before buyers decide to employ a real estate agent they carry out their own search on property listings, cross out the homes that they didn’t find appealing and narrow down the ones that captured their interest. 

To say that capturing today’s prospective homebuyer’s interest is tough would be an understatement.

Real estate agents would need to set up online listings that capture the attention of buyers, giving them a great first impression of the property in question. The costs, time and effort needed to stage a property in real life is quite considerable.

What’s good is that real estate agents don’t need to go through all the trouble of physical staging as well as bearing the expenses that would come into play if they just opt for virtual staging through real estate software solutions

Many in the real estate sphere are taking advantage of virtual staging leading more and more real estate software development companies to create sophisticated solutions that offer you the competitive advantage.

By leveraging technology real estate companies can populate a photo of an empty house with tasteful decor and furniture. In case the home is already furnished, the staging software is equipped to eliminate the items that are not attractive and add stylish ones to replace them. If you want to change the colour of a wall or door, reposition a kitchen unit and so on. There is infinite potential.

What services do virtual staging platforms offer?

When it comes to real estate software solutions like virtual staging software the functionalities, services and quality are subject to the solution you choose to use. Some of the virtual staging services that at typically offered include:

Virtual renovation

Item/furniture exclusion          

Virtual dusk

Image processing

Including furniture and decor

Virtual Staging Software – How to use it

With virtual staging platforms, all the agents would need are digital photos to be staged. It’s best to work with an expert real estate photographer to click photos of the areas that need to be staged.

Real estate agents can take over the design of the photos or they can leave it to the experts. When working with virtual staging professionals you can offer your inputs in terms of design instructions, stylistic suggestions such as boho, organic modern, eclectic, Scandinavian etc. and the experts will accommodate your choices into the final images.  This is why more and more real estate businesses are going in for real estate software development services.

Conversely, those who are clueless about how staging photos should be designed can rely on the expertise of staging design teams who will work on your staging needs based on insights gathered from working on various different property showcases they have designed.

Who uses this software?

Unlike interior design, virtual staging is a type of real estate software solution that serves the purpose of showcasing a property’s potential in order to draw the interest of buyers and bidders. That’s why, those who typically require the services of virtual staging platforms include, real estate brokers, real estate agents, real estate photographers and sellers.

Basically, those who would ordinarily have employed conventional staging firms in person now opt for virtual staging. From condominiums to single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartments and more, you can virtually stage any type of house.

Nevertheless, staging tools are not the way to go for those looking to renovate and design their space; it is mainly used for marketing by real estate companies.

Accordingly, real estate agents who leverage virtual staging software can give homebuyers the chance to translate the designs for the virtual showcase into actual decor and furniture for their homes. Alternatively, buyers can also tweak the designs on the real estate software solutions in a way that fits their particular style and budget. 

The Potential of Superior Virtual Staging

Sophisticated virtual staging platforms are excellent tools that offer buyers a full scope of what you can do with room. This type of real estate software solution is particularly helpful when the property is empty or the prospective buyer has furniture that doesn’t do complete justice to the space available.

Typically, a lot of buyers are unable to realise the scope of a room and the best way to decorate it, so they can benefit from virtual staging and get a preview of the potential of a space and not have to waste too much effort.

The goal of a great virtual staging platform is not merely to produce good-looking, edited, pictures; it is only useful inasmuch as it does the job of drawing in a high number of prospective buyers and generating revenue for real estate companies. It’s obvious that poorly edited staging photos don’t inspire confidence in buyers and tend to be a put off.

Through staging software you need to be able offer prospective buyers a vision of what it would be like to live in the place that’s displayed. It’s harder for someone to picture living in a particular place when presented with empty, unfurnished rooms.

What’s more, as we live in a digital-first world, virtual staging can prove more potent when used alongside a strategic marketing strategy including social media, websites, emails, video slideshows and the rest. So, what real estate software solutions does your company use? 

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