Ensure The Continuity of Your Food and Restaurant Business with an Efficient App

Ensure The Continuity of Your Food and Restaurant Business with an Efficient App

By Admin 4 years ago

In a situation where COVID-19 is declared a pandemic and the number of new cases are rising every day, we don’t imagine the problem to be mitigated very soon. The world will take time to heal, recover and get back on its feet.

Maintaining social distancing and keeping us quarantined are the only precautions that can keep us from this contagious pandemic. Due to this global crisis, the economic structure across the world is at stake. As lockdown is mandated in most of the countries and people are unable to go out of their home, it is obvious that businesses will suffer major drawbacks due to the massive decrease of transaction. Everything ranging from the supply, distribution and monetary transactions are affected because of the sudden outbreak the world was not prepared for.

However, this is not applicable for all businesses, especially for those who have the option of transacting digitally. Owning a Food and Restaurant business, you may be thinking of how it may be viable for you. Supporting food and restaurant industry for a long time with IT solutions, we have come up with an idea of a free home delivery food app to help you to keep the ball rolling for your business even in this crisis.

You can have a digital presence to support your customers or to be specific, a food delivery app for restaurant business in the COVID-19 crisis. It will serve you in both ways, your customers will appreciate the option to order food online and get it at their doorstep with ‘no-touch’ delivery, and on the other hand, you will be able to run your business without compromising the safety of your customers.

How an Efficient Food Delivery App Can Help You

It is obvious that you don’t want an economic decline on your business, and neither do we. This is where we come in with the idea of having an efficient food delivery app that will help your business maintain its upkeep even in this dire situation.

Your business needs can be met if you have expert app developers by your side to create a user-friendly, effective and on-demand food delivery app. You may think an app is redundant if you already have a website, but not very often does one visit the browser for information. Thus, justifying the requirement of app in these days. People want instant results and with minimum effort needed. For your Food and restaurant business, a Food Delivery App During The COVID-19 Pandemic can help save your business from the brunt of the economic recession that stems from this pandemic. Here are the details:

  • * It will help create a sense of loyalty within the customers because your company has taken the initiative to deliver food to them with a Free home-delivery food app.

  • * It will keep your business ahead of the competitors who haven’t yet started with a Free home-delivery food app

  • * According to the statistics; food and restaurant businesses generate more revenue than the conventional mode through apps. In this crisis, where most of the businesses are shut down for an indefinite period of time, your business can get more exposure and it would result in enhanced revenue.

  • * When the customers get to know that you have opted for No-Contact Food Delivery App, they will trust the hygiene you are maintaining and use your service more frequently.

  • * You will be able to target more people and thus the chance of attracting newer customers to the business will be boosted significantly. As it is restricted for people to go out unless it is of utmost importance, it will be convenient for them to order food online through an app.

Why Ivan?

The importance of having an app is demonstrated above, now it’s time to talk about our service specifically. You might be wondering “why us?” even though there are a thousand others providing the same service. We have some valid reasons for you. Take a look below and make your call wisely:

  1. You must not compromise with your brand value. Opting for an app that doesn’t help your cause and rather annoys your customers will have the opposite effect on your business. You should have the essence of your brand integrated with latest technologies and user-friendly design in an app, and with Ivan, your brand value is secured.

  2. We have top professionals in the industry to develop your Food Delivery app. Each industry is unique and so are the business requirements. Experts who will develop the app for you have already delivered quality products to our esteemed clientele. You will get exactly what you are looking for.

  3. We make the design and interface user-friendly, so your customers don’t get overwhelmed while ordering food. We try to keep it simple with easy swipe navigation, order history, multiple payment options, real-time notifications, contact details of the delivery person, review and rating features.

  4. We deliver both Native and Hybrid applications. You may choose according to your needs and preferences.

  5. By integrating high-end technologies we will ease the process with chat-bot assistance, food recommendations, nutrition information, Google Fit-in integration etc.

  6. We believe in a bond that doesn’t end with the delivery of the app. You can connect with us for maintenance and any further queries.

We prioritize your business and you can count on us for its growth and continuity. Let us help you support your business during this crisis so you don’t have to suffer the economic downfall of this pandemic.

Stay safe, stay alert, and keep growing digitally!

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