Free Real Estate Software Solution - Is It Really ‘Free’?

Free Real Estate Software Solution - Is It Really ‘Free’?

By Admin 3 years ago

In a recent web series, it is said by a high-profile professional that whenever you are getting a product for free, know that you’re the product there! Nothing in this world comes for free. The ‘free’ offer has a lot ‘behind the scene’ schemes and real estate is one of the industries where people get conned on every day in this ‘free’ deal. 

Real estate management software is quite popular these days. And, in many cases, these tools come for free! It may surprise you, but there is an aura of the word ‘free’ that can cast a spell on anyone. Here, in this blog, it’s time for a reality check of real estate software solutions that may be promoted as ‘free’ to lure you. 

The software is not actually free! 

It is a tactic to include the word ‘free’ in the business promotion to attract the maximum number of people. Many companies offer freeware where they claim to deduct all initial costs to entice you into the installation. However, this initially ‘free’ software will not serve your purpose for a long time. It will not solve your problems. By the time you realize this fact, you don’t get time to search for other options and have been compelled to get the paid package. 

This is not a fair approach. If you need to pay ultimately you should search for paid real estate software solutions from reliable companies and get the best one among them. 

The maintenance or customization costs money 

Free software will not serve your purpose – that’s for sure. Ergo, you have to opt for maintenance or customization to meet the goals. The company you are getting the software from will not provide you with the maintenance or customization for free. You have to pay for that. Moreover, sometimes, the price of customization and maintenance is higher than the paid software. Therefore, think before when you still have time and invest your time and effort carefully. 

Customer support – Better not to expect that

If you are getting real estate software solutions for free, would it be right to expect customer support? Well, if you do so, you will be disappointed in most of the cases. Where customer support is a lifesaver for software solutions, depriving of this will put you in thick soup. On the other hand, when you get a paid software 24/7 customer support is obvious to come with that.

Which one do you prefer – An ‘apparently’ free software that is full of uncertainties or something tangible for your business requirements and goals? 

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