Google My Business Offering New Opportunities

Google My Business Offering New Opportunities

By Admin 7 years ago

A new opportunity from Google; Google has recently released their single-page website builder that is designed specifically for the small businesses. This new free tool “Website” allows the small business owners to build their online presence with ease. Using this tool one can build as well as edit own website on either desktop or mobile in a few minutes.

As per information from Google, more than 60% of small businesses all across the world do not have their own website. Hence, Google is visibly trying to lower this percentage by offering the opportunity to build own business website free of cost with this website building tool.

About the “Website” Tool

This “Website” tool is an extension of Google My Business. Due to this reason, one will need to have a completely filled out Google My Business listing in order to make use of the tool. Google will accordingly pull the information from the GMB listing to construct the website. After that, the website can then be modified with themes, text, and photos.

How Create Your Account

If you already have a listing in the GMB, then you need to sign in to Google My Business, then click on “Manage location” button, and then select the Website tab from the menu. On the other hand, you can start creating your website through the landing page also.

For those, who are claiming a GMB listing for the first time, Google will automatically invite them to begin creating an associated website. Next, one just needs to follow the instructions on the screen, and when it seems satisfying, go and publish it and make your business visible to the world.

By default, the sites created with “Website” will follow the domain structure: “”

If you want to buy a custom domain you can do from the Settings menu in your account. Therefore, Google will automatically connect your site with the newly purchased domain.

Website Update

After publishing your site, you can update it in a simple way, just as Google My Business listing. Any update that you make to your GMB listing, will be consequently applied to the website.


Google’s this “Website”tool is undeniably limited in design, lacks many of the common qualities that you would find in a more robust content management system. But a professional IT Consultant in India like Ivan Infotech can offer our clients all-inclusive, responsive, SEO friendly website to the businesses.

But, considering the Google tool, the more important thing is to bring your business online; and it’s 100 times better to have a website (though with limitations) rather than having no website at all. After all, it is a user-friendly tool and you get the hosting free of cost, No doubt it is a great initiative of Google and it has opened new prospects for the small businesses. It’s just a new start for your business which can be improvised fully with a professional IT Consulting Company in India.

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