Guidelines For Using CRM Systems To Improve Data Quality

Guidelines For Using CRM Systems To Improve Data Quality

By Admin 2 years ago

Wasted opportunities from poor CRM data management can mean that businesses lose out considerably. Well-established businesses take advantage of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to boost their sales and marketing efforts. A good enterprise CRM solution can amplify efficiency and help make sure your teams have the requisite customer data at their fingertips.

When businesses capture data in CRM systems, it can often prove futile and costly if the data is not leveraged well. Managing CRM data is vital to the long term and short term success of a business. You can work with a leading CRM development company and benefit from top-notch solutions.

Tips For Streamlined Management Of CRM Data

CRM systems need to be your SSOT

Your CRM software should be a centralised single source of truth capturing interactions from across the enterprise. This can include social media platforms, sales calls, customer support/ service calls, website forms, sales meetings and so on.

To make this happen businesses frequently integrate their main business solutions with CRM modules. For instance, businesses that sell products online and manage returns, it is important to include a robust CRM module that ensures the smooth flow of data from one system to another. In this way you will not have to waste time hunting unsuccessfully for what you need and invest sufficient time creating great customer experiences.

Focus on user adoption                                                        

Need an excellent way to make sure your users are adhering to industry best practices in terms of working on enterprise CRM solutions? Ensure that they are actively willing to adopt the system.

Conduct an onboarding session for employees who will use the CRM platform. Once they are all aware of the objectives of using the system, they will be able to understand why it has been installed and what benefits it offers, ensuring that they will use it in to its full potential.

Promote team collaboration to boost business productivity

You get a robust system to manage interactions with your customers as well as your employees. The system not only allows your team to be able to remain connected with up-to-the-minute sales data but also offers a platform where they can talk about deals, ideate together, and keep everyone in the loop. They essentially get a centralised platform for all internal CRM communications, allowing them to stay smoothly linked to the rest of the departments in your company.

Capture all relevant data

Other than customer contact information, enterprise CRM solutions need to capture all relevant data like lead source, support and sales communications, requests for upgrades, social media metrics, website visits and more. The higher the comprehensive your records are, the better the level of your CRM data.

Establish a data management approach

Check what it is that your CRM system is lacking and address shortcomings such as a production line – focusing on one feature after another. Sales departments need to focus on selling products or services; they shouldn’t be made to deal with administrative tasks. For this you need a CRM system that handles tedious admin activities. Remember to:

  • Ensure that the platform is easy-to-use – If it’s complex and unintuitive, your employees will avoid it
  • Make it mobile compatible- The system needs to be accessible for users no matter where they are at office, home, or on site.
  • Fast loading, quick saving and crash-proof platform – particularly if employees face internet connectivity issues.

Carry out data segmentation

Using a sophisticated enterprise CRM solution you can benefit from segmented data.

It offers a smooth way to search for prospects with comparable profiles. Teams can benefit from research firms and commercial databases to come across prospects that are highly likely to appreciate your offerings and make a purchase.

It can enhance your marketing strategy efficiency giving you a deeper idea of which customer needs what details as well as their position in the buying journey. Using this, you can customise marketing campaigns and take forward your lead nurturing endeavours. The more transparent your target customer profiles are the easier it will be to convince them to buy from you.

Predict sales accurately with business intelligence

Data-rich CRM system dashboards are a great way to get an overview of leads and sales pipeline. In this way you are able to discover the status of all the opportunities in your pipeline, allowing you to have a 360-degree view of the opportunities and the timeline within which each needs to be closed.

Basically, it’s about leveraging your enterprise CRM solution to take efficiency to the next level.

Conduct routine data audits

Through automated data audits saves you money and time.

Be it marketing, sales and customer service and human resources, routine data audits upgrades data quality, ensuring that processes run more effectively and seamlessly. It would be inexpedient to have redundant, incorrect and outdated information in your database as it would hamper sales calls significantly. As enterprise CRM solutions allow automated data audits it leaves auditors free to concentrate on their core tasks.                                                                                                                  

Track your sales process

Track your sales procedure thoroughly with checkpoints at every milestone, using tasks to set scheduled meetings and calls. You will be able to figure out the efficiency levels of account managers or sales managers as well as learning about the best practices they use that others could benefit from.  In this way you use a CRM system that empowers you to make the most of your time as opposed to adding more work to your load.

As a vital business asset enterprise CRM solutions offer accurate, reliable data that will help you to make more informed and critical decisions.

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Guidelines For Using CRM Systems To Improve Data Quality

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