How AI Is Deciding Healthcare Future?

How AI Is Deciding Healthcare Future?

By Admin 5 years ago

Artificial intelligence creates a buzz across many industries, but its impact on the healthcare industry is undeniable. The ability to mimic the cognitive functions made AI relevant for the healthcare industry. This technology is revolutionizing healthcare sectors in several ways. Starting from drug development to clinical research, AI is helping people to get excellent results at a lower cost. Accessibility, affordability and potency are ensured by the implementation of AI in healthcare industry.

According to the statistics, we have jotted down the quick facts here:

  • By 2021, the investment on AI is assumed to reach $6.6 billion which is going to create $150 billion annual savings by 2026.
  • The patients’ death is caused by hospital errors that can be reduced by AI.
  • In fact, 86% of the mistakes can be prevented.
  • In the coming 5 years, the market of AI will grow by 10%.

Implementation of AI in Healthcare

With the contribution of AI in healthcare industry including the speciality care including pathology, pharmaceuticals, and radiology etc. people are going to get a lot of benefits. It is helping the areas of cancer, cardiac diseases, diabetes and many others creating new trends like precision medicine.

Virtual Assistant

With access to smartphones, a virtual assistant is used by mobile users. Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri are all powered by AI. When these fruits are implemented in healthcare apps, those enrich the outcomes. Personal health assistant can be focused in healthcare to provide the patients with right health-related solutions.

Imaging Analysis

Radiology is an important field that is empowered by AI a lot. Radiology influenced by AI can help in the diagnostic process like creating medical images with X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and many more which is not possible to be detected by human eyes. Reducing the chance for errors, AI can assist to diagnose most accurately and provide symptom-based treatment options.

Precision Medicine

Genomic deals with the evolution, mapping, function and structures of genomes. It determines the connection of the disease with the DNA. If genomic is combined with AI in healthcare industry, it can spot cancer and vascular diseases at early stages from the gene. Thus it reduces the chance for errors in medical treatment and operations.

Healthcare Bots

For better customer service, AI technology has introduced bots. The patients get to interact with the bots on the healthcare websites for assistance. It will help to schedule appointments, to get medicinal help and many more. Needless to say, the assistance will available for 24/7.

Several IT consulting companies in India are dealing with AI in healthcare industry. The healthcare businesses should choose the one who is experienced in the area and can provide the desired service with their professionals. Contact them and renovate the healthcare service with new-age technology.

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