How does a Custom WordPress Plugin Help a Business?

How does a Custom WordPress Plugin Help a Business?

By Admin 2 years ago

Are any of your websites built using WordPress?

I am pretty sure that if you have more than one website, most of them are WordPress-built.

WordPress is considered to be the most popular Content management system or CMS in the world, with more than 60% of the market share. As per WP Tavern, the CMS powers nearly 40% of all the websites. WordPress is used to build numerous websites; thus, it is searched about 3 million times every month. However, the chief factor for the immense success of WordPress all across the world is due to its plugin ecosystem, mostly added to the fact that it is an open source content management system. This means that it is completely free to download for people worldwide. Hence, when people look out for custom cms development services, most opt for WordPress as the suitable option. 

The WordPress plugin directory features about 60,000 free plugins available for download. The WooCommerce plugins power a quarter of the world’s top 1 million e-commerce sites. Since the major and key factor behind the success of WordPress is the plugins, there are several benefits that it brings to a website 

Have you ever wondered why many cms development companies use the custom WordPress Plugin? 

Well, let’s find out why!

Why Use a Custom WordPress Plugin?

WordPress has an extremely easy-to-use user interface that enables non-technical people to use WordPress for building and also maintaining websites easily. The universal prevalence of the cms has made it extremely familiar to more business professionals and therefore use it as an effective tool to engage the targeted audience on their website. Developmental platforms like WordPress have been opening the doors of creativity and leading web design and development innovations. However, business does require certain business-specific functionalities, and therefore, they choose to opt for a custom web application. It is without any doubt that the custom-built applications hold numerous added benefits but several other benefits come with custom WordPress plugin implementation.

Here are some chief reasons why considering custom WordPress plugins can be a great idea:

Highly Familiar

WordPress being a highly familiar platform helps reduce the learning prospect and makes it easier to get hold of the applications familiar with the WordPress admin panel.

Less Costly

Building custom web applications are way more expensive than building custom WordPress plugins. Additionally, WordPress offers several basic features like datastore and authentication compared to the custom cms development.

Easy maintenance

Custom WordPress plugins can be more easily maintained than custom web applications. Developers don’t need to learn any other additional languages or frameworks to include the extra features or help in fixing bugs.

A lot of times, you might feel that WordPress was not designed and built for e-commerce, no matter that the WordPress CMS has been the fastest growing custom cms for the last 12 years since the year 2010. However, it is still the most popular used cms with the easy language and maintenance methods with lower costs that also aid in low learning time. 

As a matter of fact, the benefits of WordPress plugins are not enough as to why the cms development companies are using WordPress for building sites for businesses. There are several reasons and ways how the implementation of WordPress plugins can improve the overall website of a company.

Different Ways How  a Custom WordPress Plugin can Improve a Website

Let’s check out the various ways the custom WordPress plugins can aid website improvement, enabling businesses to streamline their business functionalities and generate more revenues.

Enabling Third-Party Integrations

The custom WordPress plugins can be easily used for data manipulation. With WordPress, you can easily extract and integrate the external data from the API or various other sources and then combine it with your own gathered data that you have stored in WordPress. Later you can easily display it the way you want, which tends to be valuable for users. The custom WordPress plugins help accomplish these things easily and in a single codebase.

Simplifying Data Entry

The simplified data entry is one of the most popular reasons why more businesses opt for custom WordPress plugins. WordPress has default posts and pages, but businesses require business-specific data with various attributes. The custom plugins can aid the WordPress cms to support the newly gathered data types so that it becomes easy for the businesses to manipulate them. 

Providing Custom Price Quotes and Calculators

Are you familiar with the insurance calculators and price estimators that happen to be present on many websites? 

Have you encountered such sites?

Well, most of these tools are built through the custom WordPress plugins that can be configured in the WordPress admin instead of relying on just the continuous change in codes. 

Enabling Exemplary Reporting and Analytics

The custom cms development services offer internal reporting tools and analytics as external features. In contrast, custom WordPress plugins provide the in-built tools and generate the same tools and reporting analytics. Like most people, you might as well think that these plugins change the look of the websites for the visitors. However, several plugins help create the company dashboards, from internal sales data to analytics view associated with the data already existing in the cms. 

As you have already understood, WordPress has become so popular because of the high-end plugin ecosystem in less time. As a result, businesses are opting for the WordPress plugins that make their life a lot easier than building each functionality from scratch. As a matter of fact, due to its several custom plugin options, many companies build these and sell them to WordPress users.

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