Is Transport Software Development Worth For Your Supply Chain Business?

Is Transport Software Development Worth For Your Supply Chain Business?

By Admin 2 years ago

Are you facing issues with the underutilised freight capacity of the trucks and inefficient supply chain? From manufacturing to retail, even the 3rd party logistics companies face issues due to partly empty vehicles.

Poor fleet management, inefficient supply chain management, and poor inventory management will lead you to not having any certain clue where the product is currently and when it is getting delivered, and more crucially, what type of experience the customer is getting.

If all this information is lacking, planning and execution become too difficult for the business. Eventually, you will find yourself shooting in the dark with the poor supply chain, not making use of the proper fleet in the right potential. In this case, you need to have a durable and effective transportation management system.

The transportation management system is the best result of modern technology for businesses that are linked with the supply chain. The transportation management software helps organisations to find out the issues and address them with a comprehensive and accurate supply chain.

With the software customised for your business, you can bring automation and cutting-edge technology both together. The technology will solve several problems like freight audit, route planning and optimisation, load building, carrier management, payments, and order visibility. if you are a shipper and want to make your transportation business smooth, you can consult with an experienced transportation software development company that will develop the right application for you.

Who Needs To Have The Transportation Management Software?

Indeed, keeping up real-time tracking and meeting up the early demands of the clients can be problematic with the use of traditional supply chain management. It not only affects the supply chain of all businesses that rely on the TMS. The company that needs to have shipping, receiving, and moving goods daily will make use of transport management software for meeting up with volatile customer demands and budgets. Some of the businesses that need to have transportation management software are-

  • Manufacturers
  • Retail businesses
  • Shippers/distributors
  • Ecommerce companies
  • 3rd party and 4th party logistics and other logistics service providers

If you remember, organisations that spend around $100 million or more every year on transportation are likely to develop transport management software. However, with the introduction of cloud-based transportation management solutions, small businesses can save large and get benefits from TMS solutions. The transport management software generally efficiently modernises the supply chain. At the same time, you do not want to invest in unwanted things in creating good-for-nothing useless applications.

Essential Features of Transport Management Software

Here are some of the vital features that you should not miss when you are developing transportation management software-


Arrival is one of the most valuable features when you are planning to have software developed for public transportation. For the best transportation app, the users need to get live updates for the available mode of transport. Now, lots of time is being wasted as people make assumptions about the train and bus schedules. Thanks to the GPS tracking system, it helps the transportation app for getting engaged and attracts more and more audience to the needed platform. Including the GPS tracking system in any public transport will enable the users to get real-time arrivals, directly from transport media. 


In remote areas, it is often difficult to get the network on the phone. Hence, the offline viewing of online bus ticketing apps will be an added benefit for new commuters as well as regular passengers who will follow the fixed route, locations, and stations. With the proper integration in the development of the transportation app, the users will have an offline display of schedules and routes. This will help the users to plan easily for the journey from one point to another. 


The push notifications help notify the users about cancellations or unexpected changes in transportation schedules or manage the routes. This functionality integration works to the benefit of developing any transportation application. The push notifications will provide real-time notifications to the users like emergencies or unexpected interruptions, traffic jams, new construction, and change in the regular routes. It also enables the users to have a proper plan for mode of transport and bus or train schedules.  


While travelling to unknown places, people always are skeptical about looking for directions from strangers. In such situations, it is better to have an online bus booking app for getting all the information from the mobile app. Also, the app will provide navigation tips to companies for any type of travel issue. 

The supply chain and transportation software help in the field of electronic data interchange, asset tracking, manufacturing, and material requirements and planning, warehouse management, order processing and fulfillment, shipping and logistics, and inventory management. 

Custom software applications are useful in controlling all the phases of the supply chain and inventory lifecycle. You can also take advantage of the logistics and shipping with the help of an effective software development platform. 

Want to have custom transportation software for your business? Consult an experienced company like Ivan Infotech which is one of the reputed transportation software development companies delivering the best apps for the users. 

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