Key Features of Front-of-House Restaurant Software Solutions

Key Features of Front-of-House Restaurant Software Solutions

By Admin 3 years ago

The number of restaurant management software options can be overwhelming. Knowing all the available features, and deciding which ones will work for your business, can help you make the right choice. Restaurant software solutions usually come with a foundational POS system and the option to add on other features according to your specific needs.

The glut of restaurant software available in the market makes it overwhelming to narrow down on one that will suit your restaurant best.

Front of house (FOH) features

FOH or Front of house is a quick way to refer to restaurant operations that guests experience firsthand. It’s the public-facing, “front” part of the restaurant. A bunch of restaurant software solutions and tools can help optimize customer-facing operations.

Table management

The primary purpose of FOH activities is to manage a customer’s complete dining experience. With food tech solutions such as table management systems, you can ensure firstly that your guest is seated quickly and efficiently. The feature optimizes customer seating, automatically conforms to diverse floor layouts, assigns servers, makes reservations and so forth.

POS system

All purchases made by diners pass through a POS system. Restaurant software solutions such as this monitors sales, instantly generate invoices and accept credit/debit card or cash payment alternatives from all patrons.

Customer feedback

Top managers do not merely concentrate on sales; they pay heed to what their customers are saying.  Keeping that in mind, with food tech solutions you can integrate an automated feedback feature directly into your ongoing process and encourage guests to share feedback about their personal experience at your restaurant. Once you have gathered and processed this data you can make informed decisions on how best to improve your business.

Online order management

This feature allows you to boost sales by servicing your customers no matter their location. An advanced online ordering system comes under restaurant software solutions that allow you to get orders in real-time (coming in through various sources such as social media sites, your website, or a custom app), document customer and payment profiles, and process deliveries. Furthermore, it allows you to easily create, modify and update your menu. This is often an advantage for happy hour offers or seasonal specials.

Recognition and rewards programs

Additionally, it would be wise for your restaurant to recognize and reward its loyal customers. For instance, you may share a gift card when a patron signs up for your mailing list, or offer your guests reward points for each purchase they make.

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