Key Ways UX Can Impact Your Conversion Rates

Key Ways UX Can Impact Your Conversion Rates

By Admin 4 years ago

An optimized UX creates a desirable space for customers to engage with your business. It keeps everything that causes friction between your website/app and your target audience at bay. Armed with the latest UI and UX design tools designers can craft user-centric sites/apps with an increased conversion rate along with the ROI. Some of the UX best practices followed by top business have yielded dramatically improved conversions. Let’s see a few of them:

Enhanced Navigation

You may very likely be losing a sizable amount of potential clients if your site/app is not easily navigable. Navigation is not only key to the good performance of your site/app but it also plays a major role in retaining visitors and turning them into conversions.

Negative Space

All the evidence has shown that negative space increases the click-through rates. It eliminates background clutter and enables users to easily read/scan through content on a web-page. So, leaving sufficient negative space on your site/app would in fact serve to generate more leads and boost your conversion rate.

Persuasive CTA

A site/app with catchy, simple, relevant and well-placed CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons will always perform well. Strong CTAs cater to the users various requirements and smoothly pilots them into the sales funnel.

Accelerate Page Speed

Whether you have great products and deals to offer would not matter because your would-be customers would not even get a chance to browse through your offerings due to the slow page speed. This is why seeing to it that the page speed of your app/site is optimized is something you cannot neglect.

Consistent Website/App Pages

Highly successful site’s/app’s tend to have aesthetically appealing and consistent coloring, spacing, illustration, sizes, images, button styles, fonts and overall design elements. The lack of this causes users to get confused and distracted with inconsistencies in the design resulting in decreased conversion rates. So, web-pages designed using a consistent layout, menus and overall look ultimately leads to increasing your conversions.

Video on Landing Pages

Often Landing Pages are extremely text-heavy. As regards UX design, this can be extremely tedious for your users. People neither have the time nor the inclination to read through a load of text. This opens up the possibility of leveraging video. Research has proved that using videos on landing pages serves to boost conversion rates by a considerable amount.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Elements

It’s likely that you have several different elements on your site or app. Bear in mind that having too many things going on, on a single page can prove highly distracting to your potential customers. In an effort to increase conversion you would need to consider eliminating superfluous elements that you can do without. 


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