Know & Implement Angular JS Version 6 with IT Experts

Know & Implement Angular JS Version 6 with IT Experts

By Admin 6 years ago

The world of information technology gets united with new changes every other day. Of late, Angular 6 release announced by Angular Team is the latest news that’s going around the corner. There are major updates from version 5 about which, all the expert IT consultants and strategy solution providers must be aware of. Angular has been one of the famous JavaScript frameworks that have been the talk of town in 2017. The update has simply made the entire framework much simpler and faster. Let’s pour into its deeper aspects.

Firstly, Angular JS has always been one of the best choices for the IT-excels to develop single page applications. With the latest changes and developments, they would also have the benefits of creating an Angular component. Eventually, that would be helpful for Web Component publishes and HTML page uses. For all kinds of non-SPA applications that are being built with JavaScript and jQuery, the latest version would guide a developer to incorporate Web Components in such web pages with Angular. In a way, this is an easy process to control web application development.

Second is the all new Angular renderer – Ivy, which is completely backward-compatible.  It is more focussed with improvement of speed, reducing size while increasing the flexibility of the entire process. The need to reduce code size can be obtained for a faster mode of compilation.

Third is the introduction of tool-chain – Closure Compiler. It the newest optimizer helpful for developing Google web applications based on JavaScript modules. However, it is much more useful for eliminating dead codes compared with Rollup bundlers and Webpack.

Some of the other changes and additions are:

  • 2.7.x supports for Typescript
  • Fix platform-detection example
  • More Native-Element support
  • NgModelChange
  • More hooks for directive def
  • Decorator error messages that are much improved
  • Canonical view query
  • Better tracking of CLI render3 application
  • Long-term support (LTE), etc.

Router, The 2.6 version of Typescript’s, Schematics, Component Dev Kit (CDK), Bazel Compiler and every other significant area of Angular JS framework has been improvised for the better. An enhanced understanding and implementation of which, is only possible with the assistance of dynamic and cost adaptable IT consulting and strategy solution providers like Ivan Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Hence, it is suggested to get in touch with them for acquiring best possible benefits.

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