Ongoing Updates on HTML5 Web Application Development

Ongoing Updates on HTML5 Web Application Development

By Admin 6 years ago

The world of technology is ever-changing. For delivering dynamic milestones, experts of this domain thus needs to stay updated, always. Of late, HTML5 web application development process has also got upgraded, for the better. Every tech-savvy professional must be aware of this fact. As for a novice this article would surely deliver a bird’s eye view on this update.

In this respect it needs to be mentioned that, 1.0 was the last milestone of C#/XAML for HTML5. News is going round that the latest update of this Visual Studio got released by Userware on Feb 26. This has been made public as a Release Candidate which is believed to be of immense help for professional developers for creating apps, in a whole new way. The better understanding of which can be obtained by employing reputable and affordable IT strategy and consulting companies. Associates of which are the best in industry and comes with the assurance that they would deliver completely beneficial solution to respective clients.

As far as the latest news mentioned above is concerned, it needs to be mentioned that such development process would be of maximum help for developers. After all, they are going to get viable to incorporate all the updated benefits of C# and XAML for running their efficiently developed apps on browser and also writing down the same.

The best part is that, lesser acquaintance on JavaScript or HTML5 would not be any hurdle, for utilizing the benefits of its extensions. It will be automatically compiling all the files with the same which implies, static typing and incorporating all the efficiencies of C# or XAML. Eventually, all the strategic codes will be organized at the time when WebAssembly generates. Respectful CEO of Userware, Mr. Giovanni Albani, stated, “The end of support for Silverlight announced for 2021 by Microsoft confirmed it was time for us to further develop CSHTML5.” “We wanted to use our knowledge and expertise in C# and XAML to port or create web applications”. Some of the vital features that it offers:

  • Ability to build new apps from scratch
  • Facility to port the present Silverlight, UWP, and WPF applications
  • Ably extracts and keeps up to 97% of existing code
  • Supports 99% of C# language features, etc.

HTML5 application development goes through a series of strategic steps and process. Acquiring all of those is ideally possible with the diligent assistance of reliable IT strategy and consulting company. Hence, it is recommended to get in touch with such entities.

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